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List of experimental aircraft

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Title: List of experimental aircraft  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Experimental aircraft, Rockwell HiMAT, Hunting H.126, Martin Marietta X-24B, WikiProject Aircraft/Footer dispute
Collection: Experimental Aircraft, Lists of Aircraft by Role
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List of experimental aircraft

A group of 1950s NACA research aircraft

This is a list of experimental aircraft, or aircraft used or built to conduct experiments involving aerodynamics, structural materials, propulsion systems, configuration and equipment. Prototypes, pre-production and homebuilt aircraft described as experimental but which were not used in this manner outside of their own development are excluded.


  • Argentina 1
  • Australia 2
  • Brazil 3
  • Canada 4
  • France 5
  • Finland 6
  • Germany 7
  • Italy 8
  • Japan 9
  • Russia/Soviet Union 10
  • Spain 11
  • Sweden 12
  • Switzerland 13
  • Taiwan 14
  • United Kingdom 15
  • United States 16
    • X-planes 16.1
    • Other US experimental aircraft 16.2
  • See also 17
  • References 18



  • GAF Pika – manned test craft for drone program



Canadair CL-84 Dynavert tilt-wing VTOL research aircraft


SNECMA Coléoptère experimental tailsitter in 1959



Dornier Do 29 tilt rotor STOL
Heinkel He 178 jet engine research aircraft
Opel RAK.1 rocket engine research aircraft


Caproni-Campini N.1/CC.2 experimental motorjet and second jet aircraft to fly


Gasuden Koken

Russia/Soviet Union

Antonov A-40 tank glider
Yakovlev Yak-36 VTOL research vehicle


Cierva C.6 autogiro




United Kingdom

Avro 707 research aircraft in formation with Avro Vulcan bomber prototypes
Fairey Delta 2 research aircraft
Gloster E.28/39 jet engine research aircraft
Miles M.35 Libellula canard research aircraft
Rolls-Royce thrust measuring rig VTOL testbed

United States

Bell X-1 supersonic research aircraft
Bell X-5 variable-sweep wing testbed
North American X-15 hypersonic rocket-powered research aircraft


Grumman X-29 forward swept wing and stability research aircraft

Other US experimental aircraft

US Army Bell 533 high speed helicopter research aircraft
XFV-12A on ramp at NAA in Columbus, Ohio
Scaled Composites Proteus in flight during 2002 for US Department of Energy ARM-UAV program
Lockheed Vega Winnie Mae high-altitude research aircraft – confirmed existence of jet stream
Lifting body research aircraft – from left to right, X-24A, M2-F3 and HL-10
Northrop N-9M flying wing
Vought V-173 disk wing research aircraft

See also


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