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List of heads of state of Algeria


List of heads of state of Algeria

Presidential Standard of Algeria
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This is a list of heads of state of Algeria since the country gained independence in 1962, at the end of the Algerian War.

A total of five people have served as President of Algeria (not counting six interim heads of state). Additionally, two persons, Houari Boumediene and Liamine Zéroual, have served both as interim head of state and as President of Algeria.


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The first head of state of independent Algeria was Abderrahmane Farès, with the title Chairman of the Provisional Executive who took office on 3 July 1962, the day on which Algeria was declared an independent country. He was succeeded by Ferhat Abbas, with the title President of the National Constituent Assembly, on 25 September 1962.

The first President of Algeria was Ahmed Ben Bella, who took office on 15 September 1963. Since then the office of President has been held by four further people: Houari Boumediene, Chadli Bendjedid, Liamine Zéroual, and current President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. In addition, six people acted as head of state when the office of President was vacant: Houari Boumediene as Chairman of the Revolutionary Council (19 June 1965 – 10 December 1976), Rabah Bitat as Interim President (27 December 1978 – 9 February 1979), Abdelmalek Benhabyles as Chairman of the Constitutional Council (11–14 January 1992), Mohamed Boudiaf (14 January – 29 June 1992) and Ali Kafi (2 July 1992 – 31 January 1994) as Chairman of the High Council of State and Liamine Zéroual as Head of State (31 January 1994 – 27 November 1995).

Current President Bouteflika took office on 27 April 1999, following the 1999 election.


Political Parties

      National Liberation Front
      Party of Socialist Revolution (PRS)
      National Rally for Democracy

Portrait Name
Term of office Political Party
Abderrahmane Farès
عبدالرحمن فارس


3 July 1962 25 September 1962 National Liberation Front
Ferhat Abbas
فرحات عباس


25 September 1962 15 September 1963 National Liberation Front
1 Ahmed Ben Bella
أحمد بن بلّة


1 15 September 1963 19 June 1965[1] National Liberation Front
Houari Boumediene
هواري بومدين


19 June 1965 10 December 1976 Military /
National Liberation Front
2 1 10 December 1976 27 December 1978[2]
Rabah Bitat
رابح بيطاط


27 December 1978 9 February 1979 National Liberation Front
3 Chadli Bendjedid
شاذلي بن جديد


1 9 February 1979 11 January 1992[3] National Liberation Front
Abdelmalek Benhabyles
عبد المالك بن حبيلس


11 January 1992 14 January 1992 National Liberation Front
Mohamed Boudiaf
محمد بوضياف


14 January 1992 29 June 1992[4] Party of Socialist Revolution
Ali Kafi
علي حسين كافي


2 July 1992 31 January 1994 National Liberation Front
Liamine Zéroual
اليمين زروال


31 January 1994 27 November 1995 Military
4 1 27 November 1995 27 April 1999
National Rally for Democracy
5 Abdelaziz Bouteflika
عبد العزيز بوتفليقة


1 27 April 1999 Incumbent National Liberation Front

For details of the post of President of Algeria see: President of Algeria


  1. ^ Deposed in a coup d'état
  2. ^ Died in office
  3. ^ Forced to resign by the military, at the beginning of the Algerian Civil War
  4. ^ Assassinated

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