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List of heads of state of Gabon


List of heads of state of Gabon

President of the
Gabonese Republic
Presidential Standard
Ali Bongo Ondimba

since 16 October 2009
Term length 7 years
Inaugural holder Léon M'ba
Formation 17 August 1960
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The following is a list of heads of state of Gabon, since the country gained independence from France in 1960.


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Presidents of Gabon (1960–present)


      Gabonese Democratic Bloc (BDG) / Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG)


§ Elected unopposed
Died in office

Portrait Name
Elected Term of Office Party
1 Léon M'ba
17 August 1960 27 November 1967[†] BDG
2 Omar Bongo Ondimba

2 December 1967 8 June 2009[†] BDG /
Didjob Divungi Di Ndinge
Acting President
6 May 2009 10 June 2009 PDG
Rose Francine Rogombé
Acting President
10 June 2009 16 October 2009 PDG
3 Ali Bongo Ondimba
2009 16 October 2009 Incumbent PDG


  1. ^ Briefly interrupted during the 17–18 February 1964 coup d'état
  2. ^ Previously named Albert-Bernard Bongo; changed name on 29 September 1973, after conversion to Islam. Added Ondimba to name on 15 November 2003
  3. ^ Acted for Bongo while he was incapacitated in the hospital, Vice President
  4. ^ Succeeded Bongo as the constitutional successor, President of the Senate
  5. ^ Son of Omar Bongo Ondimba

Last election

 Summary of the 30 August 2009 Gabonese presidential election results
Candidates Party Votes %
Ali Bongo Ondimba Gabonese Democratic Party 141,952 41.73
André Mba Obame Independent 88,026 25.88
Pierre Mamboundou Union of the Gabonese People 85,597 25.22
Zacharie Myboto Gabonese Union for Democracy and Development 13,418 3.94
Casimir Oyé-Mba (withdrew on election day) Independent 3,118 0.92
Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou Social Democratic Party 2,576 0.76
Bruno Ben Moubamba Independent 963 0.28
Bruno Ngoussi Georges Independent 915 0.27
Jules-Aristide Bourdes-Ogouliguende Congress for Democracy and Justice 695 0.20
Albert Ondo Ossa Independent 674 0.20
Yvette Ngwevilo Rekangalt Independent 367 0.11
Ernest Tomo Independent 308 0.09
Victoire Lasseni Duboze Independent 304 0.09
Bienvenu Mauro Nguema Morena Unionist 293 0.09
Luc Bengono Nsi Movement for National Renewal 250 0.07
Marcel Robert Tchoreret Omega Circle 248 0.07
Jean-Guy Kombeny Independent 152 0.04
Bernard Oyama Independent 106 0.03
Sources: Le Monde and gaboneco

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  • Official Website of the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo (French)


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  • African States and Rulers, John Stewart, McFarland
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