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List of islands of France

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Title: List of islands of France  
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Subject: Outline of France, Tuna Fishing (painting), List of islands of Azerbaijan, List of islands of Hungary, Banking in France
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List of islands of France

The lands making up the French Republic, shown at the same geographic scale.

This is a list of islands of France, including both metropolitan France and French overseas islands.

Ranking of French islands

By area

All French islands over 100 km², ranked by decreasing area.

  Name Location Area
1 New Caledonia's mainland (Grande-Terre) New Caledonia 16,372
2 Corsica Mediterranean Sea 8,680
3 Grande-Terre Kerguelen Islands 6,675
4 Réunion Réunion 2,512
5 Lifou New Caledonia 1,146
6 Martinique Martinique 1,128
7 Tahiti French Polynesia 1,036
8 Basse-Terre Guadeloupe 848
9 Maré New Caledonia 657
10 Grande-Terre Guadeloupe 586
11 Mayotte's mainland (Grande-Terre) Mayotte 363
12 Nuku Hiva French Polynesia 345
13 Hiva Oa French Polynesia 318
14 Miquelon Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon 214
15 Île Foch Kerguelen Islands 206
16 Oléron Atlantic Ocean 190
17 Raiatea French Polynesia 173
18 Marie-Galante Guadeloupe 158
19 Île de la Possession Crozet Islands 153
20 Île des Pins New Caledonia 141
21 Ouvéa New Caledonia 133
22 Moorea French Polynesia 132
23 Île de l'Est Crozet Islands 122
24 Ua Pou French Polynesia 112

By population

List of the most populated French islands.

  Name Location Population
1 Réunion Indian Ocean 802,000 (Jan. 2008)
2 Martinique Caribbean 402,000 (Jan. 2008)
3 Corsica Mediterranean 302,000 (Jan. 2008)
4 New Caledonia's mainland (Grande-Terre) Pacific 205,939 (Aug. 2009)
5 Guadeloupe's Grande-Terre Caribbean 197,603 (Jan. 2006)
6 Guadeloupe's Basse-Terre Caribbean 186,661 (Jan. 2006)
7 Tahiti Pacific 178,133 (Aug. 2007)
8 Mayotte's mainland (Grande Terre) Indian Ocean 162,036 (Jul. 2007)
9 Saint Martin (French part only) Caribbean 35,263 (Jan. 2006)
10 Mayotte's Petite Terre (aka Pamanzi) Indian Ocean 24,416 (Jul. 2007)
11 Oléron Bay of Biscay 20,991 (Jan. 2006)
12 Île de Ré Bay of Biscay 17,640 (Jan. 2006)
13 Moorea Pacific 16,191 (Aug. 2007)
14 Raiatea Pacific 12,024 (Aug. 2007)
15 Marie-Galante Caribbean 12,009 (Jan. 2006)
16 Lifou Pacific 10,170 (Aug. 2004)
17 Noirmoutier Bay of Biscay 9,813 (Jan. 2006)
18 Wallis (aka Uvea) Pacific 9,227 (Jul. 2008)
19 Bora Bora Pacific 8,927 (Aug. 2007)
20 Saint Barthélemy Caribbean 8,450 (Jan. 2007)

Islands of metropolitan France

Atlantic coast



Ille et Vilaine

Pays de la Loire

Loire-Atlantique :

Vendée :



Mediterranean coast


Fort de Brescou


Îles d'Hyères :

Îles de Lérins :

Îles marseillaises :

Archipel du Frioul :


Îles des Embiez:


Islands in rivers and lakes



Pays de la Loire


French oversea islands

North America

Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (in North Atlantic Ocean)

Clipperton Island

French West Indies

Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

Martinique (French West Indies)

Saint Barthélemy (French West Indies)

Saint Martin (French West Indies)

South America

French Guiana


Mayotte (in Indian Ocean)

Réunion (in Indian Ocean)

Pacific & Oceania

New Caledonia (in Pacific Ocean)

Wallis and Futuna (in Pacific Ocean)

French Polynesia (in Pacific Ocean)

French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Îles Amsterdam et Saint-Paul

Crozet Archipelago

Kerguelen Islands

Scattered islands (or Îles Éparses) in Indian Ocean

French Antarctica

  • Adélie Land
    • Archipel de Pointe Géologie
    • Île Alexis Carrel
    • Île Buffon
    • Île Claude Bernard
    • Île Curie
    • Île Cuvier
    • Île de la Vierge
    • Île des Damiers
    • Île des Pétrels
    • Île du Bélier
    • Île du Capricorne
    • Île du Gouverneur
    • Île du Lion
    • Île du Navigateur
    • Île du Sagittaire
    • Île du Scorpion
    • Île du Taureau
    • Île Jean Rostand
    • Île Lamarck
    • Île Verte
    • Îles des Poissons
    • Îlot de la Balance
    • Îlot de la Baleine
    • Îlot de la Dent
    • Îlot de la Selle
    • Îlot des Champignons
    • Îlot du Cancer
    • Îlot du Marégraphe
    • Îlot du Mystère
    • Îlot du Verseau
    • Îlot Juliette
    • Îlot Roméo
    • Îlots des Hydrographes
    • Le Mauguen
    • Mid-Winter
    • Rocher Gris

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