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List of political parties in Somalia

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The following is a list of political parties in Somalia.


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During the civilian administration which existed prior to the seizure of power by the Siad Barre-led SRC outlawed all extant political parties,[1] and advocated a form of scientific socialism inspired by Marxist China and the Soviet Union.[2] Following the outbreak of the civil war in 1991 that saw the ouster of the Barre regime, many of the few remaining political parties gave way to autonomous or semi-autonomous regional states, or fragmented into feuding militia groups. After several unsuccessful national reconciliation efforts, a Transitional Federal Government (TFG) was formed in 2004 with a five-year mandate leading toward the establishment of a new constitution and a transition to a representative government.[3] The Federal Government of Somalia was established on August 20, 2012, concurrent with the end of the TFG's interim mandate. It represents the first permanent central government in the country since the start of the civil war.[4]



President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, founder and Chairman of the Peace and Development Party.
Former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, founder and Secretary-General of the Tayo Political Party.
  • CAHDİ Party – Liberal political party founded in 2012. It is led by Prof. Abdirahman Ibrahim. Based in Mogadishu, it has a justice and development platform.[5]
  • Cosmopolitan Democratic Party – Political party established in May 2015. Led by Yarow Sharef Aden, it has a liberal platform.[6]
  • DALJIR – Political party established in February 2012, it unites the country's most political figures, Daljir Party's main aims is to achieve Somalia secure, stable, unified, strong and sovereign, advanced and sophisticated and prosperous in all fields, the founders of this party are Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Former president of Somalia 2009 - 2012, former intelligence Chief and former Ambassador Ahmed Moallim Fiqi who is the Secretary General of the party, the chairman of Daljir Party is veteran politician for minister of state and member in the federal parliament H.E. Hassan Moallin Mohamud Sheikh Ali and many others.. this party has the most support in the Somali community./ref>
  • Democratic Green Party of Somalia (DGPS) – Political party created and led by Abdullahi Y. Mahamoud, with an emphasis on environmental protection and preservation. Member of the African Green Federation and Global Greens.[7]
  • Democratic Party of Somalia (DPS) – Political party formed in 2010 by Maslah Mohamed Siad, son of former President of Somalia Siad Barre.[8]
  • [9]
  • Hiil Qaran – Political party founded in February 2011. It was led at its establishment by former Prime Minister Abdirizak Haji Hussein and scholars Abdi Ismail Samatar and Ahmed Ismail Samatar.[10]
  • Justice and Community Party – Political party founded in 2014. It is led by former Mayor of Mogadishu Mohamed Nur. Based in the capital, it has a justice, unity and development platform.[11]
  • Liberal Party of Somalia (Xisbiga horumarinta iyo dib u Habeynta Somaliyeed)
  • Peace and Development Party (PDP) – Political party launched on 17 April 2011, after lengthy consultation meetings. It is led by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia, and has established youth and women wings.[12]
  • Somali National Party (SNP) – Nationalist political party founded and chaired by Mohammed Ameen Saeed Ahmed.[13]
  • Somali People's Party (Xisbiga Ummadda Somaliyeed) – Political party led by chairman and founder Mahamud Hassan Rage. It has a socially themed platform.[14]
  • Somalia Green Party – Local green party of Somalia. Member of the Horn of African Greens in the Federation of Green Parties of Africa.
  • Tayo (TPP) – Political party launched in early 2012, with a socially-themed platform. Founded by former Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo), who serves as its Secretary-General. Chaired by former Minister of Social Development Maryam Qaasim.[15]
  • Tiir Party – Youth-based political association founded in July 2006. Led by chairman Fadhil Sheikhmohamud, it promotes social development through a broad-based, inclusive platform anchored in Islamic principles.[16]
  • United and Democratic Party (UDP) – Political party founded in January 2014. Led by former Deputy Defense Minister and MP Salad Ali Jelle. Based in Mogadishu, it has a nationalist platform.[17]
  • United Somali Parliamentarians – Major party which supported the former Prime Minister.
  • Xisbiga Midnimo-Qaran (National Unity Party) – National political party announced to the public in February 2014. Led by chairman Dr. Abdurahman Baadiyow, a former 2012 presidential candidate.[18]


Faysal Ali Warabe, founder and Chairman of the Justice and Welfare Party.
  • Horseed – Political party established on 14 November 2012 in the northeastern Puntland region. Led by Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamud Farole, the association counts over 200 members and represents the incumbent Puntland government, including Vice President Abdisamad Ali Shire and the state Ministers. It is the first prospective party to register for an application with the Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC).[19]

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