List of rivers in Tanzania

This is a list of rivers in Tanzania arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

An alphabetical overview of rivers of Tanzania is given below this list.

By Drainage Basin

East Coast

  • Sigi River basin
  • Pangani River basin
    • Kolungazao River
    • Saunyi River
    • Luengera River
    • Mkomazi River
    • Nyumba ya Mungu Reservoir
      • Kikuletwa River
        • Sanya River
        • Weruweru River
          • Kikafu River
        • Usa River
        • Themi River
          • Ngarenaro River
      • Jipe Ruvu River
        • Deho River
        • Rau River
          • Lake Jipe
            • River Lumi, Tanzania
  • Msangasi River basin
  • Migasi River basin
  • Wami River basin
    • Lukigura River
    • Kiseru River
    • Mkundi River
    • Tani River
    • Mkata River
      • Mkondoa River
      • Miyombo River
  • Ruvu River basin
    • Mkombezi River
    • Mbiki River
    • Musa River
    • Ngereugere River
    • Mgeta River
  • Rufiji River basin
    • Lungonya River
    • Great Ruaha River
      • Lukosi River
      • Mbungu River
      • Kizigo River
        • Njombe River
      • Little Ruaha River
      • Kimbi River
      • Mbarali River
      • Mlomboji River
      • Kimani River
      • Ipera River
    • Luwegu River
    • Ulanga River (Kilombero)
      • Kihansi
      • Luhombero River
      • Msolwa River
      • Ruipa River
      • Mnyera River
        • Ruhudji River
  • Matandu River basin
  • Mavuji River basin
  • Mbwemkuru River basin
  • Lukuledi River basin
  • Ruvuma River basin
    • Lukwika River
    • Muhuwezi River
    • Msinejewe River
    • Lukumbule River
    • Msangesi River
    • Njuga River

Zambezi basin

Nile basin

Congo Basin

Endorheic basins

  • Lake Rukwa basin
    • Kavuu River
    • Rungwa River
    • Zira River
      • Songwe River
    • Momba River
      • Saisi River
  • Bubu River basin



Great Ruaha River


Kagera River - Kalambo River


Malagarasi River - Manonga River - Mara River


Rufiji River - Rurubu River - Ruvuma River - Ruvyironza River


Semu River - Sibiti River


Umba River (Tanzania)


Wami River - Wembere River

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