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List of spacecraft manufacturers

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Title: List of spacecraft manufacturers  
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List of spacecraft manufacturers

During the early years of spaceflight only nation states had the resources to develop and fly spacecraft. Both the U.S. space program and Soviet space program were operated using mainly military pilots as astronauts. During this period, no commercial space launches were available to private operators, and no private organization was able to offer space launches.

In 1980s, the private spaceflight in the late-1980s and early-1990s.

The following is a list of non-government-owned spacecraft manufacturing companies and contractors.


  • Satellite manufacturers 1
  • Launch vehicle manufactures and providers of third party services 2
  • Lander, rover and probe manufacturers 3
  • Spacecraft component manufacturers 4
  • Propulsion manufacturers 5
  • See also 6
  • References 7

Satellite manufacturers

There are seven major companies that build large, commercial, Geosynchronous satellite platforms:

Company Location No of satellites launched Comments
Airbus Defence and Space  Europe ( France/ Germany/ Spain/ United Kingdom) formerly Astrium
OHB  Germany
Thales Alenia Space  Europe ( France/ Italy) formerly Alcatel Alenia Space
JSC Information Satellite Systems  Russia 1160 formerly NPO PM
Boeing  United States
Lockheed Martin  United States
Space Systems/Loral  United States 240[2]

In addition to those above, the following companies have successfully built and launched satellite platforms:

Company Location No of satellites launched Comments
AeroAstro, Inc.  United States Closed [3]
Amsat International -  United States,  Canada,  Germany,  Italy,  Japan,  India,  United Kingdom,  Argentina consortium of amateur satellite constructors
INVAP  Argentina 6 - SAC-A
ARSAT-1 and ARSAT-2 are Geosynchronous satellite platforms. Invap is developing new satellites ARSAT-3 SAOCOM SAC-E (2015)
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.  United States
British Aerospace  United Kingdom purchased Marconi Electronic Systems, to form BAE Systems
Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio  Italy part of OHB AG
Clyde Space  United Kingdom CubeSats and Nanosatellites (<10 kg)
Fairchild Space and Electronics Division  United States sold to Matra Marconi Space, then sold to Orbital Sciences Corporation
Fokker Space & Systems  Netherlands then Dutch Space, now part of EADS Astrium Satellites
General Electric  United States then merged into Martin Marietta, now part of Lockheed Martin
GomSpace  Denmark Cubesats and nanosatellites (<10 kg)
Hawker Siddeley Dynamics  United Kingdom now part of EADS Astrium Satellites
Dhruva Space[4]  India Nano Satellites (>8 to <35 kg)
Hughes Aircraft  United States purchased by Boeing
IHI Corporation  Japan
Innovative Solutions In Space[5]  Netherlands CubeSats
Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center  Russia produced Mir and Salyut
NPO Lavochkin  Russia
MicroSat Systems. inc.  Canada formerly Space division of Dynacon Incorporated
Millennium Space Systems  United States 1
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan
Northrop Grumman Space Technology  United States
Orbital Sciences Corporation  United States
Pumpkin, Inc.[6]  United States CubeSat Kit
Philco Ford  United States then Ford Aerospace, now Space Systems/Loral
QinetiQ Space N.V.  Belgium 3 then Verhaert Space
RCA Astro  United States purchased by General Electric, then by Martin Marietta, now part of Lockheed Martin
Rockwell  United States purchased by Boeing
RKK Energiya  Russia produced Sputnik 1
SPAR Aerospace  Canada 8 - Alouette 1 (1)
Anik-E (1)
RADARSAT 1 and 2 (2)
Olympus-1 (1)
MSAT 1, 2 and SA (3)
bought by MacDonald Dettwiler
SpaceDev  United States part of Sierra Nevada Corporation
SpaceQuest, Ltd  United States 16 Microsatellites & Components
Spectrum Astro  United States bought by General Dynamics
Sun Space and Information Systems (Pty) Ltd  South Africa
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd  United Kingdom now part of EADS Astrium Satellites
Swales Aerospace  United States bought by Alliant Techsystems, now Orbital ATK
TRANSPACE Technologies[7]  India On-Board Satellite Systems Fabrication,Testing and Reliability Analysis
Turkish Aerospace Industries  Turkey
TRW  United States now part of Northrop Grumman Space Technology
TsSKB-Progress  Russia
Yuzhnoye Design Bureau  Ukraine
Xovian[8]  India Nanosat 1 to 10 kg

Launch vehicle manufactures and providers of third party services

Company Location No. of successful launches Comments
Airbus Defence and Space  Europe ( France/ Germany/ Spain/ Netherlands}/ United Kingdom) formerly Astrium
Alcantara Cyclone Space  Brazil/ Ukraine
Arianespace  Europe ( France/ Germany/ Italy/ Belgium/  Switzerland/ Sweden/ Spain/ Netherlands/ Norway/ Denmark)
Eurockot Launch Services  Europe ( Germany/ France/ United Kingdom/ Spain/ Netherlands/ Russia) owned by EADS Astrium
International Launch Services  United States
Iranian Space Agency[9]  Iran
ISC Kosmotras  Russia/ Ukraine/ Kazakhstan
Orbital Sciences Corporation  United States formerly owned ORBIMAGE (now GeoEye)
SpaceDev  United States owned by Sierra Nevada Corporation
SpaceQuest, Ltd.  United States
SpaceX  United States 4/7
Sea Launch  United States/ Russia/ Ukraine/ Norway 28/31 owns subsidiary Land Launch
Starsem  Europe ( Germany/ France/ United Kingdom/ Spain/ Netherlands/ Italy/ Belgium/  Switzerland/ Sweden/ Netherlands/ Norway/ Denmark/ and  Russia) commercialises the Soyuz launcher
United Launch Alliance  United States

Commercial wings of national space agencies:

Lander, rover and probe manufacturers

Company Location No. of probes launched Comments
Lavochkin  Russia rovers for Lunokhod 1
Brown Engineering Company Huntsville, AL  United States Rover for Apollo lunar program
China National Space Administration  People's Republic of China for Chang'e 3 program in 2013
Deep Space Industries Private DragonFly for asteroid material return mission
Robotics Institute Pittsburgh, PA  United States for Scarab
NASA JPL  United States for ATHLETE lunar missions
NASA  United States Space Exploration Vehicle for future lunar mission
ISRO  India Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2, Mars Orbiter Mission
Planetary Resources Private Arkyd-100 for asteroid searching

Spacecraft component manufacturers

Company Location Components built Comments
Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH Berlin, Germany Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Verification of small satellite buses (TET-1, launched July 2012) and components. Attitude control components (reaction wheels, gyro system, GPS receiver, magnetometer)

Supplier of space systems and ISS payload NightPod

DSI GmbH Bremen, Germany Cryptography Units (e.g. SAR-Lupe, GökTürk), Payload Data Handling Units (e.g. EnMAP, ExoMars), On-board Computers (e.g. TET, JAXA Hayabusa-II/MASCOT), Data Processing Units, Communication Systems, Ground Test & Simulation Equipment
American Technology Consortium Oxnard, CA  United States Mars Pathfinder Airbag Retraction Actuator Planetary Gearboxes, Mars Pathfinder Camera Pointing Mechanisms, Stardust Scan Mirror Mechanism, Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor (MVACS) Robot Arm Brush Motors, MVACS Camera Pointing Mechanisms, Genesis Array Deployment Mechanism, Shuttle Radar Topography Mapper (SRTM) Mast Deployment Actuators, SRTM Harmonic Drive Actuators, A2100 & A2100M Bus Antenna Pointing Mechanism Linear Actuators, Orbview 3 & 4 Antenna Gimbals, Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna Gimbal Motors, Champollion Cryogenic Comet Drill Actuator, TES Filter Wheel Actuator, Mars Odyssey Mission PanCam Mast Deployment Actuator, Mars Odyssey PanCam Azimuth Twist Capsule and Actuator Assembly, Mars Odyssey PanCam Elevation Actuator, Mars Odyssey Drill Mechanism Gearboxes, and Mars Phoenix Camera Pointing Mechanisms Asset sale to competitor in 2000, Original corporation renamed to Rocketstar Robotics Inc in 2006
Tethers Unlimited,Inc. Seattle, WA  United States De-Orbiting Devices, Deployable Solar Arrays, Propulsion Systems, Radio Communications, and Robotics
Protoshop Ltd. Finland Precision control mechanism for the Satellite Laser ( telescope ),- Construction of several generations of SMS EUTELSA, - Construction of the Aspera plasma instrument for the Phobos - Mars flight, - Development of SIXA X-ray detector for Russian Spektrum, - Design and construction of ERNE particle detector for SOHO, - ERS- 1 SAR satellite sea ice observation system software with VTT, - Development of the NOAA -12 Forest fire station software with VTT, - Development of forest fire observation software by ERS-2 satellite, - Construction of SWAN solar wind monitor for SOHO, - Construction of IBS ion beam spectrometer mechanics with NASA, - Construction of Rotating actuator for CASSINI Saturn mission, - Development and construction of rotating mechanisms and launch latch (ESA), - Development and construction of SSA ( small sample acquisition robot), - Construction of ROSA2 micro robot for SSF and ESA, - dDesign of Spicam Plasma instrument for the Mars flight (imaging spectrometer), - Development and construction of GOMOS ozone monitor for Envisat, - JEM-X X-ray monitor for Integral mission with Metorex and ESA, - Sub-contracting of Coala ozone monitor definition phase for ESA onboard ISS, - Construction of rotating actuators for NASA satellites with LANL (TWINS and SMEX), - OMI ozone monitor for NASA’s EOS Aura satellite with FMI, - Microwave receiver LFI for Planck satellite for ESA with VTT, - Study of OMI ozone monitor for METOP -1 satellite as an AO instrument, - XMM door mechanism and LSS motion simulator, - Development of Coala and OMI-Ims/Metop ozone monitors mapping spectrometer, - Construction of ESA Actively Cooled RF front End, - Design of general mechanics for the ESA, NASA and Russian space programs, - MAXI structural design for Metorex, - NASA's certificate for the excellent work in CASSINI project (2009)
RUAG Space   Switzerland Structures, Fairings, Mechanisms, Opto-Electronics
Andrews Space Seattle, WA  United States
EADS Astrium Satellites  Europe
Final Frontier Construction LLC Ashton, MD  United States Scaled examples of Gershin Class and Shia Class inverse truss hulls with artificial gravity capability
Jena-Optronik[10] Jena,  Germany Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS) sensors: star sensors, sun sensors, redezvous- and docking sensors; Optical space instruments and components: multi-spectral imager (e.g. JSS 56 for RapidEye satellite constellation, efficient radiometer (e.g. METimage), electronic as well as opto-mechanical subsystems and components for operational Earth observation (e.g. for Copernicus Sentinel missions)
Pumpkin, Inc San Francisco, CA  United States CubeSat Kits
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace[11] Kongsberg  Norway Kongsberg Adaptive Rotational Mechanism Assembly [KARMA] in configuration as Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADM),used on Rosetta (spacecraft), Mars Express, Venus Express, Sentinel 1, Sentinel 3 and BepiColombo MTM.

Drive electronics for Sentinel 1 and BepiColombo MTM. Booster attachment struts, including separation function,for Ariane 5.

Rocketstar Robotics Inc[12] Camarillo, CA  United States Space Interferometry Mission Optical Shutter Mechanisms
Thortek Laboratories, Inc. Irvine, KY  United States merged with SpaceDev
Starsys Sparks, NV  United States merged with SpaceDev
SpaceDev Sparks, NV  United States
Clyde Space  United Kingdom Power System Electronics, Batteries, Solar Panels, Attitude Control Systems
Astro Aerospace[13] Carpinteria, CA  United States Deployable mechanisms, spacecraft structures, AstroMesh deployable reflector, deployable booms, large and small aperature mesh reflector antennas,STEM (Storable Tubular Extendable Member), hinge mechanisms, A special business unit of Northrop Grumman
TRANSPACE Technologies[14] Bangalore, KA  India On-Board Satellite Sub-Systems Fabrication,Testing,Reliability Analysis and PCB Design Approved Vendor for ISRO Satellite Center, India
RadioBro Corporation[15] Huntsville, Alabama  United States Small Spacecraft Communications, Flight Readiness Testing, Training Services

Propulsion manufacturers

Company name Country Engine Engine type Comments
Moog-ISP (In Space Propulsion) Westcott, Buckinghamshire United Kingdom

Niagara Falls, NY  United States

All Forms of Chemical Propulsion including Main Apogee Engines and AOCS Thrusters Bipropellant and Monopropellant Product Families Include: LEROS, MONARC Thruster, LTT Thruster Division of Moog Inc.
Busek Natick, Massachusetts  United States BHT-200, BHT-1500, BHT-20k, BET-1, BmP-220, BIT-1, BIT-3, BIT-7, uPPT-3 Hall Effect, Gridded Ion, Electrospray, micro Pulsed Plasma, Green Monopropellant, Electrothermal, Hollow Cathodes, Field Emission Cathode TacSat-2, FalconSat-5, FalconSat-6, ST-7/LISA Pathfinder. Licensed technology for BPT-4000 aboard AEHF 1, AEHF 2, AEHF 3. Propulsion options ranging from CubeSats to GEO Communications Satellites to Asteroid Redirect Mission Spacecraft.[16]
Aerojet Rancho Cordova, California  United States Numerous Numerous liquid engines (e.g. Space Shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System) and solid motor rockets (e.g. Atlas V SRB) Division of GenCorp.
American Rocket Company  United States hybrid rocket intellectual property acquired by SpaceDev
CU Aerospace Champaign, IL  United States PUC, CHIPS, PPT-11 MCD[17] / Resistojet / PPT[18] Small satellite / CubeSat Propulsion Modules [19]
Frontier Astronautics Valencia, CA  United States VIPER liquid oxygen
Asp high test peroxide
AE Aerospace Louisville, KY  United States HIRE hybrid ion rocket engine [20][21]
Orion Propulsion (Dynetics) Madison, AL  United States used on Sundancer and Ares I
Rocketdyne Canoga Park, Los Angeles  United States Liquid Acquired By Aerojet, Formerly a Division of Pratt & Whitney
Ad Astra Rocket Company Webster, TX  United States VASIMR magnetoplasma may be used for future Mars missions
Reaction Engines Ltd. Oxfordshire, England  United Kingdom SABRE rocket/turbojet/ramjet planned to be used in Skylon
SpaceDev Poway, CA  United States hybrid rocket used on SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo
SpaceX Hawthorne, California,  United States Numerous Merlin/ Raptor / Draco / Kestrel used on Falcon Rockets
Snecma Courcouronnes,  France Numerous Vinci / Viking / Vulcain / HM7B used on Ariane rockets

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