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List of villages in Lemyethna Township

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Title: List of villages in Lemyethna Township  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of populated places in Myanmar, Lemyethna Township
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of villages in Lemyethna Township

This is a list of villages in Lemyethna Township, Hinthada District, Ayeyarwady Region, Burma (Myanmar).

Village Village code Village tract Coordinates
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Kone Su 152765 Htein Ngu
Htein Ngu 152763 Htein Ngu
Yae Le 152764 Htein Ngu
Hnget Pyaw Taw 152766 Htein Ngu
Kant Lant Kone 152767 Htein Ngu
Gway Taunk Kwin 152768 Htein Ngu
Shwe Ka Nyin Kan Nar Su 158613 Nyaung Pin Wea
Ma Thea Kone 158610 Nyaung Pin Wea
Nyaung Pin Wea Auk Su 158614 Nyaung Pin Wea
Shwe Ka Nyin Kyaung Su 158612 Nyaung Pin Wea
Nyaung Pin Wea 158609 Nyaung Pin Wea
Tha Yet Kan 158615 Nyaung Pin Wea
Lay Ein Tan 158616 Nyaung Pin Wea
Shwe Ka Nyin Pin 158611 Nyaung Pin Wea
Ka Nyin Kwin 153616 Ka Tet Kone
Ka Tet Kone 153614 Ka Tet Kone
Ywar Thit Su 153615 Ka Tet Kone
Ywar Thar Kone 153619 Ka Tet Kone
Thar Yar Kone 153618 Ka Tet Kone
Saing Pyun 153617 Ka Tet Kone
Thone Set 162758 Thone Set
Lel Di Su 162759 Thone Set
Tha Khwar Kone 162760 Thone Set
Kayin Yoe 162761 Thone Set
Kyun U 161583 Tha Khut Chaung
Wea Daunt 161582 Tha Khut Chaung
Oke Aing 161581 Tha Khut Chaung
Tha Khut Chaung 161580 Tha Khut Chaung
Bo Yon Su 161585 Tha Khut Chaung
Kun Chan Kone 161587 Tha Khut Chaung
Kyun Te 161588 Tha Khut Chaung
Thaung Su 161584 Tha Khut Chaung
Gyan Kone 161586 Tha Khut Chaung
Lay Ein Tan 159936 Sar Yay Kwin
Sar Yay Kwin 159933 Sar Yay Kwin
Kyon Pi 159934 Sar Yay Kwin
Ngwe Tain Hnyin 159937 Sar Yay Kwin
Aung Baw Su 159938 Sar Yay Kwin
Sit Kone 159935 Sar Yay Kwin
Khon Gyi 151415 Daunt Gyi
Yae Thoe 151414 Daunt Gyi
Hnget Pyaw Taw 151413 Daunt Gyi
Myin Kyoe Chaung 151412 Daunt Gyi
Daunt Gyi 151411 Daunt Gyi
Daunt Gyi 162408 Thein Kone
Nyaung Waing 162407 Thein Kone
Kyat Kone 162409 Thein Kone
Kha Paung Kwin 162410 Thein Kone
Thein Kone 162406 Thein Kone
Ywar Thit Kone 156485 La Har Gyi
La Har Gyi 156480 La Har Gyi
Ka Nyin Pin Hla 156481 La Har Gyi
Ywar Thar Kone 156482 La Har Gyi
Sin Ku 156484 La Har Gyi
Kywe Sar Inn 156483 La Har Gyi
Kyar Inn 163050 War Yon Chaung
Kone Gyi 163049 War Yon Chaung
Yoe Gyi 163048 War Yon Chaung
War Yon Chaung 163047 War Yon Chaung
Ah Kei 163051 War Yon Chaung
Kyan Taw Su (Kayin) 159348 Pein Inn
Moe Ma Kha Lay 159346 Pein Inn
Moe Ma Kha Gyi 159345 Pein Inn
Han Thar Aye 159351 Pein Inn
Ah Lel Su 159350 Pein Inn
Kyaung Kone 159344 Pein Inn
Yone Taw 159349 Pein Inn
Kywe Mee Swea 159343 Pein Inn
Ma Yan Yoe 159342 Pein Inn
Za Yit Yoe 159341 Pein Inn
Ah Lone Gyi 159340 Pein Inn
Kyee Taw Kone 159339 Pein Inn
Kyan Taw Su (Myanmar) 159347 Pein Inn
Meik Tha Lin Kone 159337 Pein Inn
Baw Tha Lin 159336 Pein Inn
Gway Cho 159335 Pein Inn
Pein Inn 159334 Pein Inn
Pyaung Inn 159338 Pein Inn
Shar Hpyu Kyin 160236 Shar Hpyu Kyin
Ah Choke Gyi 160237 Shar Hpyu Kyin
U To 160238 Shar Hpyu Kyin
Kyoet Kone 151852 Gyoe Gyar Kwin
Kywe Sar Inn 151855 Gyoe Gyar Kwin
Gyoe Gyar Kwin 151851 Gyoe Gyar Kwin
Kone Ka Lay (a) Pan Tin Kone 151853 Gyoe Gyar Kwin
Ywar Thit Su (a) Ywar Thit Kone 151854 Gyoe Gyar Kwin
Hle Lan Kyaung 152792 Htein Taw Gyi
Ah Lel Yoe 152791 Htein Taw Gyi
Daunt Gyi 152790 Htein Taw Gyi
Htaw Lar 152789 Htein Taw Gyi
Zee Kone 152788 Htein Taw Gyi
Htein Taw Gyi 152787 Htein Taw Gyi
Htein Pin La Har 152793 Htein Taw Gyi
Koe Te Kwin 163373 Yae Nauk
Yae Nauk 163370 Yae Nauk
Gaung Ni Kwin 163372 Yae Nauk
Kyan Taw Kone 163371 Yae Nauk
Tar U Toe 150931 Boke Chaung
Nyaung Kone 150932 Boke Chaung
Boke Chaung 150928 Boke Chaung
Htein Kyaw 150930 Boke Chaung
Zee Chaung 150929 Boke Chaung
Shwe Bo Su 160156 Shan
Ywar Thit Kone 160157 Shan
Shan Ywar Daunt Te 160154 Shan
Zin Pyun Kone 160155 Shan
Tha Yet Taw 153530 Ka Nyin Thaung
Myit Kyoe 153531 Ka Nyin Thaung
Ma Gyi Pin Kwin 153532 Ka Nyin Thaung
Kone Gyi 153533 Ka Nyin Thaung
Nyaung Pin Kwin 153534 Ka Nyin Thaung
Ywar Thit Kone 153535 Ka Nyin Thaung
Na Kyee Kone 153536 Ka Nyin Thaung
Koe Te 154460 Koe Te
Kyaung Su 154462 Koe Te
San Paing 154461 Koe Te
Me Za Li 157458 Me Za Li
Thaung Tan 157460 Me Za Li
Pauk Kone 157459 Me Za Li
Yin Se 163652 Yin Se
Pauk Kone 150439 Aing Tha Pyu
Aing Tha Pyu (a) Yan Gyi Aung 150433 Aing Tha Pyu
Aing Tha Pyu 150427 Aing Tha Pyu
Kan Nar Su 150428 Aing Tha Pyu
Let Tha Mar (a) Shwe Bo Su 150429 Aing Tha Pyu
Kyaung Su (a) Man Chaung 150430 Aing Tha Pyu
Baw Di Kone 150432 Aing Tha Pyu
Kwin Ma Tar Lay 150434 Aing Tha Pyu
Kwin Ma Kyaung Su 150435 Aing Tha Pyu
Ma Yin Myauk 150436 Aing Tha Pyu
Wet Sin Aing 150438 Aing Tha Pyu
Ah Nyar Tan 150431 Aing Tha Pyu
Ywar Thit Kone 150440 Aing Tha Pyu
Kyaung Gyi Paing 150441 Aing Tha Pyu
Zay Tar Lay 150442 Aing Tha Pyu
Kan Nar Tan 150443 Aing Tha Pyu
Kone Ka lay 150437 Aing Tha Pyu
Let Tha Mar (Kayin) 156943 Let Tha Mar (Kayin)
Hnan Kone 156946 Let Tha Mar (Myanmar)
Aing Zauk 156945 Let Tha Mar (Myanmar)
Let Tha Mar (Myanmar) 156944 Let Tha Mar (Myanmar)
Khway Thay 156947 Let Tha Mar (Myanmar)
Thaung Poke 151094 Chauk Se
Hlay Swea Lay 151095 Chauk Se
Ah Lel Kyun 151093 Chauk Se
Auk Yoe 151092 Chauk Se
Yoe Gyi 151091 Chauk Se
Hlay Swea Gyi 151089 Chauk Se
Hnan Kone 151088 Chauk Se
Wea Gyi 151087 Chauk Se
Let Pan Kone 151086 Chauk Se
Chauk Se 151085 Chauk Se
Ku Lar Yoe 151090 Chauk Se
Khat Tu 151827 Kyee Pauk Kone
Zee Taw 151821 Kyee Pauk Kone
Daunt Kway 151820 Kyee Pauk Kone
Nin Kyan 151819 Kyee Pauk Kone
Pan Taw Pauk 151824 Kyee Pauk Kone
Sin Thay 151825 Kyee Pauk Kone
Myin Kone 151818 Kyee Pauk Kone
Myo Ma 151826 Kyee Pauk Kone
Kyee Pauk Kone 155470 Kyee Pauk Kone
Si Son Kone 151823 Kyee Pauk Kone
Hle Ku 151822 Kyee Pauk Kone
Kayin Taw 150828 Bi Tha Lun
Baw Di 150829 Bi Tha Lun
War Yon Su 150830 Bi Tha Lun
Bi Tha Lun 150827 Bi Tha Lun
Lel Tan Nge 159103 Pan Taw Gyi
Tha Yet Kone 159096 Pan Taw Gyi
Myo Kone 159095 Pan Taw Gyi
Pan Taw Gyi 159094 Pan Taw Gyi
Kyauk Sa Yit Kone 159099 Pan Taw Gyi
Pi Tauk Pin 159100 Pan Taw Gyi
Kyat Gyi 159097 Pan Taw Gyi
Aung Baw Su (West) 159102 Pan Taw Gyi
Ma Gyi Pin Kwin 159098 Pan Taw Gyi
Hnget Pyaw Taw Kwin 159106 Pan Taw Gyi
Yoe Da Yar Kwin 159105 Pan Taw Gyi
Su Toe Kwin 159104 Pan Taw Gyi
Shauk Pin Su 159101 Pan Taw Gyi
Kyan Taw Su 154672 Kun Chan Kone
Hpa Yar Kone 154664 Kun Chan Kone
Hle Ku 154671 Kun Chan Kone
Nat Hta Min Kone 154669 Kun Chan Kone
Kun Chan Kone 154661 Kun Chan Kone
Ah Lel Kone 154668 Kun Chan Kone
Bant Bway Kone 154663 Kun Chan Kone
Ah Lel Yoe 154666 Kun Chan Kone
Min Ga Lar Kone 154662 Kun Chan Kone
Aung Baw (East) 154670 Kun Chan Kone
Nin Kyan U 154665 Kun Chan Kone
Gway Tauk Kwin 154667 Kun Chan Kone
Sin Thay 154673 Kun Chan Kone
Gyoet Kone 150816 Beit Pyar Kone
Shauk Kone 150815 Beit Pyar Kone
Thar Si Kone 150814 Beit Pyar Kone
Beit Pyar Kone 150813 Beit Pyar Kone
War Taw Kwin 163035 War Taw Kwin
Htauk Kyant Kwin 163036 War Taw Kwin
Kyar Kaik 151233 Chin Kone
Pan Tin 151231 Chin Kone
Kyee Kone 151230 Chin Kone
Shan Kwin 151232 Chin Kone
Sein Baung 151227 Chin Kone
Nyaung Chay Htauk 151228 Chin Kone
Nga Poke Kwin 151226 Chin Kone
Chin Kone 151225 Chin Kone
Nga Bat Sein 151234 Chin Kone
Zay Kone 151235 Chin Kone
Yae Hpyu 151229 Chin Kone
Thea Nu Kone 162379 Thea Nu Kone
Nat Hta Min Kone 162385 Thea Nu Kone
Hman Tan 162384 Thea Nu Kone
Sein Baung 162383 Thea Nu Kone
Htone Bo 162382 Thea Nu Kone
Saw Pyar 162381 Thea Nu Kone
Kyar Kaik 162380 Thea Nu Kone
Nga Poke Kwin 162386 Thea Nu Kone
Hlaw Ka Htar 157693 Moe Goke
Kayin Se 157695 Moe Goke
Auk Su 157694 Moe Goke
Sein Taung 157692 Moe Goke
Moe Goke 157691 Moe Goke
Ah Choke Ka Lay (South) 154207 Kha Mauk Su
Than Bar Yar Yoe 154209 Kha Mauk Su
Shwe Sar Yay 154211 Kha Mauk Su
Inn Ka Lay Kone 154212 Kha Mauk Su
Nyaung Tan 154213 Kha Mauk Su
Shar Khe Su 154215 Kha Mauk Su
Ah Choke Ka Lay (North) 154208 Kha Mauk Su
Aing To 154216 Kha Mauk Su
Yit Hpauk Kone 154214 Kha Mauk Su
Htauk Shar Pin Seik 154205 Kha Mauk Su
Sin Thay Kone 154210 Kha Mauk Su
Ma Yan Aing 154204 Kha Mauk Su
Boe Thar Nyo Yoe 154206 Kha Mauk Su
Kha Mauk Su 154203 Kha Mauk Su
Si Kwin 152017 Hle Htauk Kwin
Pu Zun Seik chaung 152014 Hle Htauk Kwin
Yae Thoe Chaung 152016 Hle Htauk Kwin
Hle Htauk Kwin 152013 Hle Htauk Kwin
Thin Gan Chaung 152015 Hle Htauk Kwin
Lel U Su 151979 Hlaw Ka Htar
Auk Su 151981 Hlaw Ka Htar
Saw Pyar 151985 Hlaw Ka Htar
U Yin Kone 151984 Hlaw Ka Htar
Taung Pay Kone 151983 Hlaw Ka Htar
Kyoet Kone 151982 Hlaw Ka Htar
Sein Taung 151980 Hlaw Ka Htar
San Gyi 151978 Hlaw Ka Htar
Hlaw Ka Htar 151977 Hlaw Ka Htar
Aung Sa Kwin 154838 Kwin Gyi
Zee Pin Kwin 154839 Kwin Gyi
Kwin Gyi 154836 Kwin Gyi
Hman Si 154837 Kwin Gyi
Le Khon Gyi 154840 Kwin Gyi
Tone Taw 163219 Wut Kone
San Kone 163218 Wut Kone
Le Khon Lay 163217 Wut Kone
Shar Taw Su 163216 Wut Kone
Wut Kone 163212 Wut Kone
Kyoet Pin Su 163213 Wut Kone
Gyeik Kwin 163214 Wut Kone
Tha Yet Pin Gyi Su 163215 Wut Kone
Kyaung Kwin 163220 Wut Kone
Ya Htar Kwin 153514 Ka Nyin Taing
Sein Kwin 153526 Ka Nyin Taing
Myay Ni Taung 153529 Ka Nyin Taing
Tone Taw 153528 Ka Nyin Taing
Ka Nyin Taing 153513 Ka Nyin Taing
Ma Gyi Kone 153522 Ka Nyin Taing
Khat Cho Kone 153527 Ka Nyin Taing
Nga Bat Sein 153518 Ka Nyin Taing
Gyee Kyi 153519 Ka Nyin Taing
Taung Ka Lay 153525 Ka Nyin Taing
Su Poke Kone 153521 Ka Nyin Taing
Kyaung Kwin 153515 Ka Nyin Taing
Taung Kone 153523 Ka Nyin Taing
Bant Bway Kone 153524 Ka Nyin Taing
Taung Poet Pi 153517 Ka Nyin Taing
Taw 153516 Ka Nyin Taing
Hman Tan 153520 Ka Nyin Taing
Ma Yan Kone 151239 Chin Lel
Chin Lel 151238 Chin Lel


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