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List of world's largest passenger ships

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Title: List of world's largest passenger ships  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Syracusia, List of the world's largest cruise ships, SS British Queen, SS President, SS City of Berlin
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List of world's largest passenger ships

This is a timeline list of the world's largest passenger ships.



The Syracusia depicted in 1798.

Early modern

19th century

20th century

RMS Titanic

Table for 20th Century

Year Ship Tonnage Length Country Notes
1901 RMS Celtic 20,904 701 ft (214 m) United Kingdom
1903 RMS Baltic 23,876 729 ft (222 m) United Kingdom
1906 Kaiserin Auguste Victoria 24,581 677.5 ft (206.5 m) Germany
1907 RMS Lusitania 31,550 787 ft (240 m) United Kingdom
1907 RMS Mauretania 31,938 790 ft (240 m) United Kingdom
1911 RMS Olympic 45,324 882.5 ft (269.0 m) United Kingdom
1912 RMS Titanic 46,328 883 ft (269 m) United Kingdom
1913 SS Imperator 52,117 906 ft (276 m) Germany
1913 SS Vaterland 54,282 950 ft (290 m) Germany
1913 SS Bismarck 56,551 956 ft (291 m) Germany
1935 SS Normandie 83,404 1,029 ft (314 m) France
1940 RMS Queen Elizabeth 83,673 1,031 ft (314 m) United Kingdom
1962 SS France 66,343 1,035 ft (315 m) France Smaller than Queen Elizabeth, but became largest existing ship upon her destruction
1969 RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 65,200 (as built) 963 ft (294 m) United Kingdom Became the world's largest active passenger ship upon the retirement of France
1988 MS Sovereign of the Seas 73,192 880 ft (270 m) Norway, Bahamas
1995 Sun Princess 77,499 857 ft (261 m) Bermuda
1996 Carnival Destiny 101,353 893 ft (272 m) Bahamas First passenger ship to surpass Queen Elizabeth in tonnage
1997 Grand Princess 109,000 951 ft (290 m) Bermuda
1999 Voyager of the Seas 137,276 1,020 ft (310 m) Bahamas
2000 Explorer of the seas 137,308 1,020 ft (310 m) Bahamas

21st century

Allure of the Seas

Table for 21st century

Year Ship Tonnage Length Country Notes
2002 MS Navigator of the Seas 139,570 1,021 ft (311 m) Bahamas
2004 RMS Queen Mary 2 148,528 1,132 ft (345 m) United Kingdom
2006 MS Freedom of the Seas 154,407 1,112 ft (339 m) Bahamas 2 more ships in class of the same size
2009 MS Oasis of the Seas 225,282 1,186 ft (361 m) Bahamas 1 more ship in class of the same size
2016 Oasis Class ship 3 227,700 1,186 ft (361 m) Bahamas still under construction

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