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List of world eight-ball champions

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Title: List of world eight-ball champions  
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List of world eight-ball champions

This article is a list of professional world champions in the pocket billiards (pool) cue sport known as eight-ball, and its variations.

World Standarized Rules ("American-style") eight-ball

This section lists world champions in the internationally-standardized game of eight-ball, as played by professionals around the world. This is played, like in nine-ball, on the American 9-foot pool tables with coloured, numbered balls.

WPA Men's Division Champions

The following is a list of WPA World Eight-ball Champions, held in Fujairah, UAE and sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association.
Year Winner[1] Nationality Runner-up Nationality
2012 Chang Jung-lin (1)  Chinese Taipei Fu Che-wei  Chinese Taipei
2011[2] Dennis Orcollo (1)  Philippines Niels Feijen  Netherlands
2010[3] Karl Boyes  United Kingdom Niels Feijen  Netherlands
Not held
2008[4] Ralf Souquet (1)  Germany Ronato Alcano  Philippines
2007[5] Ronato Alcano (1)  Philippines Dennis Orcollo  Philippines
Not held
2005[6] Wu Chia-ching (1)  Chinese Taipei Nick van den Berg  Netherlands
2004 Efren Reyes (1)  Philippines Marlon Manalo  Philippines

PBT Men's Division Champions

The following is a list of PBT World Eight-ball Champions.

Year Winner Nationality Runner-up Nationality
2000 Efren Reyes (3)  Philippines Mika Immonen  Finland
1996 Efren Reyes (2)  Philippines Jimmy Wetch  United States
1995 Efren Reyes (1)  Philippines Earl Strickland  United States
1994 Nick Varner (1)  United States Allen Hopkins  United States

Blackball and "British-style" eight-ball pool

This section lists world champions in the recently world-standardized eight-ball variant blackball, and its older competing-standards versions (usually referred to as "eight-ball pool") played at the amateur and semi-professional levels in Commonwealth countries and a few European nations. These tournaments are played on a 7-foot pool table with either the "spots and stripes" numbered balls, or coloured balls - typically yellow and blue, or yellow and red, with a black ball.

WPA Men's Champions

The following is a list of WPA World Blackball Champions, sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association, PPPO and EBA.
Date Location Winner Nationality Runner-up Nationality
2014 Perth, Scotland Claudio Cassar  Malta Paul Vincent Bennett  South Africa
2012[7] Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool, UK Gavin Phillips  Scotland Jimmy Carney  England
2010[8] Limoges, France Jayson Shaw  Scotland Sébastien Ramier  France
2008[9] Mbabane, Swaziland Wetsi Morake (1)  South Africa Yulan Govender  South Africa
2006 Cork, Ireland Andy Lucas (1)  England Simon Ward  Wales
The following is a list of PPPO World Eight-ball Champions, sanctioned by the EUKPF (Professional Pool Players Organization). 2005 was the last time the championship was held, as the EUKPF was then renamed to EBA (European Blackball Association) and amalgamated under the umbrella of the WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association).
Date Location Winner Nationality Runner-up Nationality
2005[10] Bridlington, UK Ben Davies (1)  Wales Derek Murphy  Scotland
2004[11] Bridlington, UK Andy Lucas (1)  England Rob Hill  England
2003[12] Bridlington, UK Rob Hill (1)  England Antz Morrison  Scotland
2002[13] Lerwick, Shetland Islands Steve Sanders (1)  England Andy Lucas  England
1997 Morecambe, UK Terry Higginson (1)  England Ronan McCarthy  Northern Ireland
1996 Ross McInnes  Scotland Mark White  England

WEPF Eight-ball Pool World Champions

The following is a list of WEPF Eight-ball Pool World Champions, sanctioned by the World Eight-ball Pool Federation.

Date Location Winner[14] Nationality Runner-up Nationality
2014 Blackpool, UK Tom Cousins  Wales Giuseppe d'Imperio  England
2013[15] Tom Cousins  Wales Craig Waddingham  England
2012[16][17] John Roe  England Lee Kendall  England
2011[18][19] Adam Davis  England Phil Harrison  England
2010[20] Mick Hill (2)  England Gareth Potts  England
2009[21] Phil Harrison  England Mick Hill  England
2008[22] Gareth Potts (3)  England Jason Twist  England
2007[23] Gareth Potts (2)  England Mick Hill  England
2006[24] Mark Selby  England Darren Appleton  England
2005[25] Gareth Potts  England Chris Melling  England
2004[26] Mick Hill  England Darren Appleton  England
2003[27] Chris Melling (2)  England Jason Twist  England
2002[28] Jason Twist (2)  England Yannick Beaufils  France
2001[29] Chris Melling  England Rob McKenna  Scotland
2000 Jason Twist  England Carl Morris  England
1999 Quinten Hann  Australia Terry Hunt
1998 Carl Morris  England Keith Brewer
1997 Rob McKenna (2)  Scotland Lee Kendall
1996 Greg Farrenssss  Ireland Tony Holgate
1995 Daz Ward  England Jason Twist  England
1994 Rob McKenna  Scotland
1993 Kevin Wright  England Nigel Davis


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