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Title: Lite-Brite  
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A Lite-Brite (without black paper) spelling "hello"

Lite-Brite is a toy created by Hasbro in 1967 that allows the user to create glowing designs. It is a light box with small colored plastic pegs that fit into a matrix of holes and illuminate to create a lit picture. Using the colored pegs the user can create designs from imagination or by following templates.[1] There are eight peg colors: green, blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and colorless clear.

Hasbro offered refills of the pegs for more color options or in the unfortunate event that some were lost. Color-by-letter templates were sold with the set so that children could create characters including Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo and My Little Pony, among others.


Lite-Brite allows the artist to create a glowing picture by placing multi-colored translucent plastic pegs through opaque black paper.[2] The light from an illuminated light bulb is blocked by the black paper except where the pegs conduct the light. When lit, the pegs have an appearance similar to that of LEDs.


Over the years Lite-Brite was offered in different forms including a flat-screen version, a 3D cube,[3] and a FX edition that spins and plays music. The Lite-Brite LED Flat Screen currently sells at MSRP $10, comes in several colors, is LED lit, and is portable, running on 3 AA batteries. The Lite-Brite 3D cube is a LED-lit 4-sided cube that allowed children to play with friends or save 3 of their designs. The 3D Cube is called Lite-Brite Four-Share Cube, currently sells at MSRP $20, and also is portable running on 3 AA batteries. The FX Edition is no longer on Hasbro's website. The website has SUN 'N NITE BRITE Sets MSRP-ing at $10 and running on 3 AAA batteries.[4]


With current technology Lite-Brite is now offered as an iPad app. The user picks what color peg they want and then every space they touch shows a dot in that color and makes a popping sound. The app has many more dots than the original. There are also various websites online that host virtual Lite-Brite games.

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