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Title: Mhallami  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Semitic people, Ethnic groups in West Asia, Mardin Province, Mongols Motorcycle Club, Assyrians in Turkey
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Total population
Regions with significant populations
   Turkey 60,000
   Lebanon 50,000
   Europe 25,000
   Germany 15,000[1]
North Mesopotamian Arabic
Syriac, Kurdish & Turkish
Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
other Semitic peoples

The Mhallami, or Mhalmites, (Arabic: محلّمى‎, Mḥallamī; Syriac: ܡܚܠܡܝ̈ܐ, Mḥallmāye/Mḥallmoye; Turkish: Mıhellemi) are a Semitic people originating from the Assyrian/Syriac people. They originally spoke Aramaic and were Eastern Rite Christians, but are now primarily speakers of North Mesopotamian Arabic (qiltu variant) and Sunni Muslims of Shafi`i madh'hab.


"A small minority of the Syriacs, around 1%, has converted to Islam, but remain Syriac in culture and language... The flag of the Muslim Syriac minority is a vertical tricolor of violet, yellow and green, bearing a white crescent moon and five-pointed star on the upper hoist."[2] Sir Mark Sykes, in his book 'The Caliph’s Last Heritage', p. 578 says that 'the Mahallemi' became Muslim to be able to eat meat during a Lenten famine. He writes, 'They speak a bastard Arabic, and their women wear red clothes and do not veil.

Mhallami of Lebanon

Lebanon had a population of 70,000 to 100,000 Mhallami prior to Lebanese Civil War.[3] Their origin and legal status became a particular concern when they started to seek asylum in Western European countries en masse in early 1980s.[4]

Mhallami association

The first Mhallami cultural association of [7] Most of Mhallamis in Turkey live in Mardin and their famous place is Yerköy. It is a village that well known by the other name is Binardke. There are also 25 villages like that in the region.


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