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Mississippi's 3rd congressional district


Mississippi's 3rd congressional district

Mississippi's 3rd congressional district
Mississippi's 3rd congressional district - since January 3, 2013.
Mississippi's 3rd congressional district - since January 3, 2013.
Current Representative Gregg Harper (RPearl)
Area 12,185.28 mi² (31,559.73 km²)
Distribution 40.33% urban, 59.67% rural
Population (2000) 711,115
Median income $31,907
Ethnicity 64.2% White, 33.3% Black, 0.6% Asian, 1.2% Hispanic, 0.9% Native American, 0.2% other
Cook PVI R+15[1]

Mississippi's 3rd congressional district (MS-3) covers central portions of state and stretches from the Louisiana border in the west to the Alabama border in the east.

Large cities in the district include Meridian, Starkville, Pearl, and Natchez. A portion of the city of Jackson is in the third district. The district includes the state's largest college and land-grant university, Mississippi State University in Starkville.

From statehood to the election of 1846, Mississippi elected representatives at-large statewide on a general ticket. This district has been redefined based on changes in statewide population.

Its current representative is Republican Gregg Harper.

List of representatives

Name Years of Service Party District Home Notes
District created March 4, 1847
Patrick Watson Tompkins March 4, 1847 - March 3, 1849 Whig
William McWillie March 4, 1849 - March 3, 1851 Democratic
John D. Freeman March 4, 1851 - March 3, 1853 Unionist
Otho Robards Singleton March 4, 1853 - March 3, 1855 Democratic
William Barksdale March 4, 1855 - January 12, 1861 Democratic Redistricted from the At-large district, Withdrew
Civil War and Reconstruction
Henry Barry February 23, 1870 - March 3, 1875 Republican
Hernando D. Money March 4, 1875 - March 3, 1883 Democratic Redistricted to the 4th district
Elza Jeffords March 4, 1883 - March 3, 1885 Republican
Thomas C. Catchings March 4, 1885 - March 3, 1901 Democratic
Patrick Stevens Henry March 4, 1901 - March 3, 1903 Democratic
Benjamin G. Humphreys II March 4, 1903 - October 16, 1923 Democratic Died
Vacant October 16, 1923 - November 27, 1923
William Y. Humphreys November 27, 1923 - March 3, 1925 Democratic
William M. Whittington March 4, 1925 - January 3, 1951 Democratic
Frank E. Smith January 3, 1951 - November 14, 1962 Democratic Resigned after being appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority
Vacant November 14, 1962 - January 3, 1963
John Bell Williams January 3, 1963 - January 16, 1968 Democratic Redistricted from the 4th district, Resigned after being elected Governor of Mississippi
Vacant January 16, 1968 - March 12, 1968
Charles Hudson Griffin March 12, 1968 - January 3, 1973 Democratic
Sonny Montgomery January 3, 1973 - January 3, 1997 Democratic Redistricted from the 4th district
Chip Pickering January 3, 1997 - January 3, 2009 Republican
Gregg Harper January 3, 2009 - Present Republican Incumbent

Historical district boundaries

2003 - 2013

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