Music of Abkhazia

English: Victory

National anthem of Abkhazia
Lyrics Gennady Alamia
Music Valera Çkaduwa
Adopted 1992
Music sample

Aiaaira (Аиааира, Abkhaz for 'victory') is the national anthem of Abkhazia.[note 1] It was adopted in 1992. The lyrics were written by Gennady Alamia, and the music was written by Valera Çkaduwa.[1]


Abkhaz lyrics Latin transliteration (ISO 9) English translation

Шәнеибац, шәнеибац,
Аҧсуаа рыҷкәынцәа.
Аҧсны азыҳәан
Ашьа казҭәаз,
Аҧсуаа рыҷкәынцәа.
Ашьа казҭәаз,
Аҧсуаа рыҷкәынцәа.

О-ҳо-ҳо-о ҳо-о-Рада
О-ҳо-ҳо-о ҳо-о-Рада-Ра!
Ажәҩан мрадоуп, еҵәадоуп
Уара уда Аҧсынра!
Еҵәa-бырлаш Аҧсынтәла,
Улҧха згәаҵақәа ирҭыҧхо,
Геи-шьхеи рыҧшӡара заҧшнылаз.
Жәлар ламысла иҳаракоит.

Рада, Реида, Рарира
Рада, Рерама, Рерашьа.
Нарҭаа риирa-зиироу
Афырхацәа Ран-Гуашьа
Аҧсынтәыла-иҧшьоч атәыла
Зхы здиныҳәалаз Анцәа
Зқьышықәасала имҩасхьо гылоуп
Рыжәаҩа еибырҭоит уҧацәа.

Шәнеибац Аҧсныжәлар!
Аишьцәа, шәнеибац!
Нхыҵ-аахыҵ ҳаицуп!
Ҳазшаз илаҧш
Ҳхыуп иаҳхымшәо
Ҧеҧш лаша ҳзышуп!

Шәнеибац, Аҧсныжәлар,
Игылеит ҳамра,
Иақәым ҭашәара!
Шьардаамҭа, Аҧсынра.

Šwneibac, šwneibac,
Aṕsuaa ryçkwyncwa.
Aṕsny azyḩa̋an
Ašʹa kazţwaz,
Aṕsuaa ryçkwyncwa.
Ašʹa kazţwaz,
Aṕsuaa ryçkwyncwa.

O-ḩo-ḩo-o ḩo-o-Rada
O-ḩo-ḩo-o ḩo-o-Rada-Ra!
Ažwòan mradoup, eċwadoup
Uara uda Aṕsynra!
Eċwa-byrlaš Aṕsyntwla,
Ulṕha zgwaċaķwa irţyṕho,
Gei-šʹhei ryṕšźara zaṕšnylaz.
Žwlar lamysla iḩarakoit.

Rada, Reida, Rarira
Rada, Rerama, Rerašʹa.
Narţaa riira-ziirou
Afyrhacwa Ran-Guašʹa
Aṕsyntwyla-iṕšʹoč atwyla
Zhy zdinyḩwalaz Ancwa
Zķʹyšyķwasala imòashʹo gyloup
Ryžwaòa eibyrţoit uṕacwa.

Šwneibac Aṕsnyža̋lar!
Aišʹcwa, šwneibac!
Nhyċ-aahyċ ḩaicup!
Ḩazšaz ilaṕš
Ḩhyup iaḩhymšwo
Ṕeṕš laša ḩzyšup!

Šwneibac, Aṕsnyžwlar,
Igyleit ḩamra,
Iaķwym ţašwara!
Šʹardaamţa, Aṕsynra.

March on, march on,
sons of Abkhazia!
Shed our blood
for Abkhazia,
sons of Abkhazia!
Shed our blood
for independence,
sons of Abkhazia!

Like the sun on the sky,
you are always Abkhazia!
Your love has warmed countless hearts,
with mountains and seas put on you.
Men's conscience also puts on you,
Starry, sacred Abkhazia!

Rada, Reyda, Rarira,
Rada, Rerama, Rerasha!
Mother of the hero,
where Nart is born - how sacred!
Abkhazia, may God bless you
for thousands more of years to come.
Children unite as one people,
Brothers shoulder to shoulder.

March on, Abkhazians!
Brothers, march on!
In Transcaucasia,
we're always here,
God's watching here,
for a better future!

March on, Abkhazians!
The sun is rising!
What a bright future!
Love forever,
that's God's bless to
Abkhazia's bright future!

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  1. ^ Abkhazia's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is recognised by only a few other countries. The Georgian government and most of the world's other states consider Abkhazia de jure a part of Georgia's territory. In Georgia's official subdivision it is an autonomous republic, whose government sits in exile in Tbilisi.


  1. ^ "National Anthem Downloads, Lyrics, & Information: - Republic of Abkhazia". 2009-03-19. Retrieved 2011-01-13. 

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