New york film critics circle award for best supporting actor

The New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor is an award given by the New York Film Critics Circle, honoring the finest achievements in filmmaking.

This awards is given since 1969.


Oscar winner denoted by *


Year Winner Film Role
1969 Jack Nicholson Easy Rider George Hanson


Year Winner Film Role
1970 Chief Dan George Little Big Man Old Lodge Skins
1971 Ben Johnson * The Last Picture Show Sam the Lion
1972 Robert Duvall The Godfather Tom Hagen
1973 Robert De Niro Bang the Drum Slowly Bruce Pearson
1974 Charles Boyer Stavisky Baron Raoul
1975 Alan Arkin Hearts of the West Burt Kessler
1976 Jason Robards * All the President's Men Benjamin "Ben" Bradlee
1977 Maximilian Schell Julia Johann
1978 Christopher Walken * The Deer Hunter Nikonar "Nick" Chevotarevich
1979 Melvyn Douglas * Being There Benjamin Turnbull Rand


Year Winner Film Role
1980 Joe Pesci Raging Bull Joey LaMotta
1981 John Gielgud * Arthur Hobson
1982 John Lithgow The World According to Garp Roberta Muldoon
1983 Jack Nicholson * Terms of Endearment Garrett Breedlove
1984 Ralph Richardson Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes The Sixth Earl of Greystoke
1985 Klaus Maria Brandauer Out of Africa Bror von Blixen-Finecke
1986 Daniel Day-Lewis My Beautiful Laundrette Johnny
A Room with a View Cecil Vyse
1987 Morgan Freeman Street Smart Fast Black
1988 Dean Stockwell Married to the Mob Tony Russo
Tucker: The Man and his Dream Howard Hughes
1989 Alan Alda Crimes and Misdemeanors Lester


Year Winner Film Role
1990 Bruce Davison Longtime Companion David
1991 Samuel L. Jackson Jungle Fever Gator Purify
1992 Gene Hackman * Unforgiven Little Bill Daggett
1993 Ralph Fiennes Schindler's List Amon Göth
1994 Martin Landau * Ed Wood Bela Lugosi
1995 Kevin Spacey * Outbreak Casey Schuler
Se7en John Doe
Swimming with Sharks Buddy Ackerman
The Usual Suspects Roger "Verbal" Kint
1996 Harry Belafonte Kansas City Seldom Seen
1997 Burt Reynolds Boogie Nights Jack Horner
1998 Bill Murray Rushmore Herman Blume
1999 John Malkovich Being John Malkovich John Horatio Malkovich


Year Winner Film Role
2000 Benicio del Toro * Traffic Javier Rodriguez
2001 Steve Buscemi Ghost World Seymour
2002 Dennis Quaid Far from Heaven Frank Whitaker
2003 Eugene Levy A Mighty Wind Mitch Cohen
2004 Clive Owen Closer Larry Gray
2005 William Hurt A History of Violence Richie Cusack
2006 Jackie Earle Haley Little Children Ronald James McGorvey
2007 Javier Bardem * No Country for Old Men Anton Chigurh
2008 Josh Brolin Milk Dan White
2009 Christoph Waltz * Inglourious Basterds Col. Hans Landa


Year Winner Film Role
2010 Mark Ruffalo The Kids Are All Right Paul
2011 Albert Brooks Drive Bernie Rose
2012 Matthew McConaughey Magic Mike Dallas
Bernie Danny Buck Davidson

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