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Nicholas Wolterstorff

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Title: Nicholas Wolterstorff  
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Subject: Alvin Plantinga, William Alston, Religious epistemology, Epistemology, Richard Swinburne
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Nicholas Wolterstorff

Nicholas Wolterstorff
Born (1932-01-21) January 21, 1932
Bigelow, Minnesota
Era 20th-century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy
School Analytic
Main interests
Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy
Notable ideas
Reformed epistemology

Nicholas Wolterstorff (born January 21, 1932) is an American philosopher. A prolific writer with wide-ranging philosophical and theological interests, he has written books on aesthetics, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of religion, metaphysics, and philosophy of education. In Faith and Rationality, Wolterstorff, Alvin Plantinga, and William Alston developed and expanded upon a view of religious epistemology that has come to be known as reformed epistemology. He also helped to establish the journal Faith and Philosophy and the Society of Christian Philosophers.


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Education and academic career


University positions:

Visiting professorships:

Professional distinctions

  • Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1953
  • Harvard Foundation Fellowship, 1954
  • Josiah Royce Memorial Fellowship, Harvard University, 1954
  • Fulbright Scholarship, 1957
  • President of the American Philosophical Association (Central Division)
  • President of the Society of Christian Philosophers
  • Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study in Culture, University of Virginia, 2005

Endowed lectureships

Personal life

Nicholas Wolterstorff lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Clare. He has seven grandchildren.


While an undergraduate at Calvin College, Wolterstorff was greatly influenced by professors Harry Jellema, Henry Stob and Henry Zylstra, who introduced him to schools of thought that have dominated his mature thinking: Reformed theology and common sense philosophy (these have also influenced the thinking of Wolterstorff's friend and colleague Alvin Plantinga, another alumnus of Calvin College).

Wolterstorff builds upon the ideas of the Scottish common sense philosopher Thomas Reid, who approached knowledge "from the bottom-up". Instead of reasoning about transcendental conditions of knowledge, Wolterstorff suggests that knowledge and our knowing faculties are not the subject of our research but have to be seen as its starting point. Wolterstorff rejects classical foundationalism and instead sees knowledge as based upon insights in reality which are direct and indubitable.


Selected writings

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  • Sloane, Andrew, On Being A Christian in the Academy: Nicholas Wolterstorff and the Practice of Christian Scholarship, Paternoster, Carlisle UK, 2003.

See also


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External links

  • Faculty page at Yale
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  • "The Irony of It All" in The Hedgehog Review vol. 9, no. 3 (Fall 2007). Article discussing human dignity and justice.
  • Lecture at Calvin College on "How Calvin Fathered a Renaissance in Christian Philosophy".
  • Wolterstorff's Spiritual Autobiography from Clark, Kelly James, Philosophers Who Believe (Intervarsity Press, 1993).
  • Theology and Ethics Contains many PDF files of Wolterstorff's work not available elsewhere.
  • Art in Action: New Thoughts Lecture at the 2009 International Arts Movement.
  • Lectures by Wolterstorff from the C.S. Lewis Institute.
  • Faith and Philosophy
  • Society of Christian Philosophers
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