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North-Central West Virginia

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Title: North-Central West Virginia  
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Subject: WKTZ-FM, West Virginia, Regions of West Virginia, WYFU, Bluefield micropolitan area
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North-Central West Virginia

Map of North Central WV

North Central West Virginia (sometimes known as "Mountaineer Country") is a region of the Morgantown.


These counties are sometimes also included into the region depending on who is asked.

Wetzel County would not be part of the region because not only does the county border Ohio, but also many West Virginians largely consider Wetzel County to be a part of the Northern Panhandle region, even though it does not lie within the actual "Panhandle." [1]

Cities & Towns

Note: These cities are sometimes included within the region.






Public Transit

A network of intracity and intercity buses is provided in the area by three private services: CENTRA, the Fairmont Marion County Transit Authority, and the Mountain Line Transit Authority.

The Fairmont Marion County Transit Authority provides bus routes focusing within Marion County, but trips to the nearby cities of Clarksburg and Morgantown are also provided for a charge of $2.00, one way. Free transfers are provided at the Marion County courthouse. All routes within the county have a flat rate of $0.75, but for all routes, children under the age of 6 ride free.

CENTRA is a service based at the southern end of the region, serving the areas around Clarksburg and Harrison County. Travel is facilitated by 16 individual lines that run weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM, and Saturdays from 8 AM to 4 PM.

The Mountain Line Transit Authority provides bus routes in and around Monongalia County and WVU campuses. When WVU is in session, 18 routes around Morgantown provide service from as early as 6 AM to as late as 2:30 AM. During summer these hours are slightly reduced, and some routes are eliminated altogether. The Grey Line is a special intercity service connecting the area to Pittsburgh for a flate rate of $25.00 per ride. For regular routes, standard individual fare is $0.75, with special packages such as monthly passes or individual deviations. Transfers are $0.75, and children 5 and under ride free.




Appalachian Corridors




County 2013 (estimate) 2010 2000 1990 1980 1970 1960 1950
Doddridge 8,344 8,202 7,403 6,994 7,433 6,389 6,970 9,026
Harrison 68,972 69,099 68,652 69,371 77,710 73,028 77,856 85,296
Marion 56,868 56,418 56,598 57,249 65,789 61,356 63,717 71,521
Monongalia 102,274 96,189 81,866 75,509 75,024 63,714 55,617 60,797
Taylor 16,973 16,895 16,089 15,144 16,584 13,878 15,010 18,422

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