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North American Grappling Association

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Title: North American Grappling Association  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Naga, Submission wrestling, Sara McMann, Frank Mir, Kenny Florian, Roxanne Modafferi, James Chico Hernandez, Olympic Heights Community High School, Glover Teixeira, Tara LaRosa
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North American Grappling Association

North American Grappling Association
Competition details
Competition date(s) Established in 1995
Location North America
MMA locales -
Massachusetts; New Jersey
Discipline Submission Grappling - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Full contact sports - Mixed martial arts
Type Open Tournaments
Organiser NAGA
Current skill divisions List of skill levels
Current weight divisions List of weight divisions

The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is an organization started in 1995 that holds Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments throughout North America and Europe. NAGA is the largest submission grappling association in the world with over 200,000 participants world-wide, including some of the top submission grapplers and MMA fighters in the world.[1] NAGA grappling tournaments consist of gi and no-gi divisions. No-Gi competitors compete under rules drafted by NAGA. Gi competitors compete under standardized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rules. NAGA also promotes MMA events which they term Reality Fighting.

Skill Levels

Competitors in NAGA competitions are broken into weight divisions and skill levels. Skill levels are further divided into a two categories, Adults/Masters/Directors/Executives, and Children/Teens.


  • Novice (6 months total grappling experience)
  • Beginner (6 months to 2 years total grappling experience)
  • Intermediate (2 years to 5 years total grappling experience. BJJ blue belts are Intermediate)
  • Expert (5 years + total grappling experience. BJJ purple, brown, black belts are Expert)

Children & Teens

  • Novice (6 months & under total grappling experience. Children are not allowed to do submissions)
  • Beginner (6 months to 1 year total grappling experience)
  • Intermediate (1 year to 2 years total grappling experience)
  • Expert (2 years + total grappling experience)

Total grappling experience includes but is not limited to; wrestling experience, BJJ experience, judo experience, sambo experience, JKD experience, etc. Any training that consists of grappling is counted towards your total experience.

Weight Divisions

Men's & Master's No-Gi & Gi, White Belts & Blue Belt Divisions

Weight class name Upper limit
in pounds (lb) in kilograms (kg)
Flyweight 129.9 58.9
Bantamweight 139.9 63.5
Featherweight 149.9 68.0
Lightweight 159.9 72.5
Welterweight 169.9 77.1
Middleweight 179.9 81.6
Light Heavyweight 189.9 86.1
Cruiserweight 199.9 90.7
Heavyweight 224.9 102.
Super Heavyweight No weight limit

Men's Gi Purple; Brown & Black Belt Divisions

Weight class name Upper limit
in pounds (lb) in kilograms (kg)
Lightweight 154.9 70.3
Middleweight 174.9 79.3
Cruiserweight 199.9 90.7
Super Heavyweight No weight limit

Master's Expert No-Gi & Gi Divisions (ages 30 yrs & above)

Weight class name Upper limit
in pounds (lb) in kilograms (kg)
Lightweight 154.9 70.3
Middleweight 174.9 79.3
Cruiserweight 199.9 90.7
Super Heavyweight No weight limit

Men's Director's (40 yrs +) & Executive (50 yrs +) Divisions

  • These divisions are created at the event based on the skill levels and weights of those registered for that tournament.

Women's Gi & No-Gi Grappling Divisions

Weight class name Upper limit
in pounds (lb) in kilograms (kg)
Flyweight 119.9 54.4
Lightweight 134.9 61.2
Middleweight 159.9 72.5
Light Heavyweight No weight limit

Children's No-Gi & Gi Grappling Divisions (13 years of age & under)

Weight class name Upper limit
in pounds (lb) in kilograms (kg)
Flyweight 49.9 22.6
Bantamweight 59.9 27.2
Featherweight 69.9 31.7
Lightweight 79.9 36.2
Welterweight 89.9 40.8
Middleweight 99.9 45.3
Light Heavyweight 114.9 52.1
Cruiserweight 129.9 58.9
Heavyweight 149.9 68.0
Super Heavyweight 179.9 81.6

Teen's NO-GI & GI Grappling Divisions (14 to 15) and (16 to 17) years of age

Weight class name Upper limit
in pounds (lb) in kilograms (kg)
Flyweight 99.9 45.3
Bantamweight 109.9 49.8
Featherweight 119.9 54.4
Lightweight 129.9 58.9
Welterweight 139.9 63.5
Middleweight 149.9 68.0
Light Heavyweight 159.9 72.5
Cruiserweight 179.9 81.6
Heavyweight 199.9 90.7
Super Heavyweight No weight limit

Reality Fighting

NAGA's MMA division, Reality Fighting, holds mixed martial arts events in New Jersey and Massachusetts.[2] The rules that govern each match are set by each state's athletic commission.[3] [4] Reality Fighting previous champions include BJJ Black Belt and UFC veteran Gabriel Gonzaga,[5] and current Reality Fighting Light-Heavyweight Champion and The Ultimate Fighter television show The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir veteran Mike Stewart.[6] Notable Champions Shonie Carter,Joe Fiorentino and Anthony Porcelli.


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External links

  • Official website for the North American Grappling Association
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