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Nostradamus ni Kiite Miro

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Title: Nostradamus ni Kiite Miro  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of video games based on anime or manga, Navel (company), Hitomi (voice actress)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Nostradamus ni Kiite Miro

Nostradamus ni Kiite Miro♪
Developer(s) Lime
Publisher(s) Lime
Designer(s) Akira
Platform(s) Windows PC
Release date(s) February 29, 2008
Genre(s) Visual novel, Eroge
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution DVD

Nostradamus ni Kiite Miro♪ (ノストラダムスに聞いてみろ♪ Nosutoradamusu ni Kiite Miro♪?, lit. Try Asking Nostradamus♪) is the first visual novel developed by Navel's 'sister brand', Lime.

The story concerns a girl who suddenly appears in front of Nagi Tsukuba, the protagonist, claiming to be the incarnation of Nostradamus' The Prophecies. She claims that it is somehow his fault that the world did not end in July 1999 (as supposedly predicted in century 10, quatrain 72), and that Nostradamus, being extremely bothered by this, has sent her to prove to Nagi that the prophecies are to be respected.


Main Characters

Nagi Tsukuba (筑波 那岐 Tsukuba Nagi?)
Nagi is the main hero in Nostradamus ni Kiite Miro♪ and the role the player assumes.
Stra (ストラ Sutora?)
Voiced by: Kazane
Stra is the proclaimed Nostradamus Prophecy. She's brave and positive.
Thiya (ティア Tia?)
Voiced by: Hikaru Isshiki
Thiya is the encarnation of Agastya.
Kukuri Shirayama (白山 菊理 Shirayama Kukuri?)
Voiced by: Mahiru Kaneda
Kukuri is Thiya's owner. Claims that she will be Nagi's wife in the future.
Sakuya Sengen (浅間 咲耶 Sengen Sakuya?)
Voiced by: Yukari Aoyama
Chikuya is the most popular girl at school.
Honoka Akiba (秋葉 穂ノ香 Akiba Honoka?)
Voiced by: Honoka Imuraya
Honoka is Nagi's sister-in-law.

Sub Characters

Mizuha Nyukawakami (丹生川上 水波 Nyukawakami Mizuha?)
Voiced by: Hina Kamimura
Sano Hikawa (氷川 佐之 Hikawa Sano?)
Voiced by: Sakiwaresubūn
Nami Akiha (秋葉 那美 Akiha Nami?)
Voiced by: Minami Hokuto
Chiru Uemiya (梅宮 智瑠 Uemiya Chiru?)
Voiced by: Fūka
Hime Shirayama (白山 媛 Shirayama Hime?)
Voiced by: Nana Nogami
Nostradamus (ノストラダムス Nosutoradamusu?)
Voiced by: Jinshinran


Masato (真聡?)
Masato is a boy who always appears in Navel and Lime games peeking at the girls' underwear.

External links

  • Official website (Japanese)

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