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Patti Davis

Patti Davis
Reagan family photo, 1967
Born Patricia Ann Reagan
(1952-10-21) October 21, 1952
Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Occupation Actress, author
Spouse(s) Paul Grilley (m. 1984–90)
Parent(s) Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan

Patti Davis (born October 21, 1952) is an American actress and author. She is the daughter of U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Reagan's second wife, First Lady Nancy Reagan. While her father is heralded as a conservative icon, Davis is known to the American media as an outspoken liberal, along with her brother Ron Reagan.[1]


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  • Acting, modeling and writing careers 2
  • Personal life 3
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Early life

Patricia Ann Reagan was born via caesarean section[2] to Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan on October 21, 1952 in Los Angeles, California. She was born only seven months after her parents married in March 1952.[2] She is the older sister of Ron Reagan, the half-sister of the late Maureen Reagan, and has an adopted half-brother, Michael Reagan. She graduated from the Orme School of Arizona in 1970[3] and attended Northwestern University from 1970-71. She also attended the University of Southern California, where she studied drama.[2] While studying at USC, she changed her surname from Reagan to Davis, her mother's maiden name.[4]

Acting, modeling and writing careers

In 1986, she published her first novel, "Home Front," which is based on Patti's life and the Reagan family. The story follows Beth Canfield, whose father goes from a TV announcer to Governor of California and then President. The book was very controversial and her half-sister Maureen, and adopted half-brother Michael stopped speaking to her after it was published.[2]

In 1992, she published an autobiography called, "The Way I See It." It talked about her mother's pill addiction, Patti's childhood abuse by her mother, and her father ignoring it. Although the book does include happy childhood moments with her parents, Patti said she wrote it because she "thought it was important for... [her parents] to hear the truth" about her childhood.[2]

Davis posed nude in Playboy in the July 1994 issue.[5][6] She also starred in a Playboy Celebrity Centerfold video, which showed her in outdoor lesbian settings, along with a solo masturbation passage.[7] Years later, at the age of fifty-eight in 2011, she posed nude again, this time in a less explicit manner, for More.[8]

In 2013, she published a fictional work called Till Human Voices Wake Us, a love story between a woman and her sister-in-law.[9] She had a hard time getting the book published, and decided to self-publish the book.[10]

Personal life

Patti says that her mom started slapping her on the face at age 9. At age 14, Patti began her addiction to diet pills. In 1970, she studied at Northwestern, where she reported she was very unhappy and became anorexic. After she transferred to the University of Southern California, she admits to doing LSD, quaaludes and later cocaine.[2] It is reported that she sold marijuana to pay for her therapy. At the age of 24, Patti underwent a tubal ligation because, "I was terrified that if I became a mother I would become like my mother and abuse a child in the ways she abused me."[11] Ten years later, she had it reversed.[2]

After school, she dated Kris Kristofferson and Timothy Hutton. In 1974, she began a four-year-long relationship with Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon.[2] While they were dating and living together, they cowrote the song "I Wish You Peace" which appeared on the Eagles album, One of These Nights.[12]

In 1984, she married Paul Grilley, a yoga instructor. They divorced in 1990.[2]

She was active in the Reagan family's actions against John Hinckley and the controversial CBS miniseries The Reagans. In November 2011, she launched "Beyond Alzheimer's," a support group that meets every Thursday evening at UCLA.[13]


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