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The Hyperian Fountain at Pherae, Edward Dodwell.

Pherae (Greek: Φεραί) was an ancient Greek town in southeastern Thessaly.[1] It bordered Lake Boebeïs.[2] In mythology, it was the home of King Admetus, whose wife, Alcestis, Heracles went into Hades to rescue. In history, it was more famous as the home of the fourth-century B.C. tyrants Jason and Alexander of Pherae, who took control of much of Thessaly before their defeat by the Thebans. Also a city in Messenia, home of Diocles, where Telemachus, son of Odysseus, and Peisistratus, son of Nestor, rested on their way from Pylos to visit king Menelaus in Lacedaemon (Odyssey 3.489–490).

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