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Prime Minister of Morocco

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Title: Prime Minister of Morocco  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Morocco, Politics of Morocco, May 1, Prime minister, 1919, Mohammed VI of Morocco, List of state leaders in 1957, List of state leaders in 2003, List of state leaders in 2004, List of state leaders in 2002
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Prime Minister of Morocco

The President of the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco is the head of government of Morocco and serves in a position akin to that of a Prime Minister. The President is appointed by the King of Morocco. The incumbent President is Abdelilah Benkirane, who was appointed on 29 November 2011.

List of heads of government of Morocco (1955–Present)

      Istiqlal Party (PI) / National Union of Popular Forces (UNIP)
      Front for the Defence of Constitutional Institutions (FDIC) / Democratic Socialist Party (PSD) / Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP)
      National Rally of Independents (RNI)
      Constitutional Union (UC)
      Justice and Development Party (PJD)

# Portrait Name
Term of Office Party
1 Mbarek Bekkay
مبارك البكاي
7 December 1955 12 May 1958 Independent
style="background:; color:white;"| 2 Ahmed Balafrej
أحمد بلافريج
12 May 1958 16 December 1958 PI
style="background:; color:white;"| 3 Abdallah Ibrahim
عبد الله إبراهيم
16 December 1958 20 May 1960 PI/UNIP
Direct rule by King Mohammed V
محمد الخامس
20 May 1960 26 February 1961[2]
Direct rule by King Hassan II
الحسن الثاني
(1st Term)
26 February 1961 13 November 1963
style="background:; color:white;"| 4 Ahmed Bahnini
أحمد بحنيني
13 November 1963 7 June 1965 FDIC/PSD
Direct rule by King Hassan II
الحسن الثاني
(2nd Term)
7 June 1965 7 July 1967
5 Mohamed Benhima
محمد بنهيمة
7 July 1967 6 October 1969 Independent
style="background:; color:white;"| 6 Ahmed Laraki
أحمد العراقي
(b. 1931)
6 October 1969 6 August 1971 PI
7 Mohammed Karim Lamrani
محمد كريم العمراني
(b. 1919)
(1st Term)
6 August 1971 2 November 1972 Independent
style="background:; color:white;"| 8 Ahmed Osman
أحمد عصمان
(b. 1930)
2 November 1972 22 March 1979 RNI
style="background-color:; color:white;"| 9 Maati Bouabid
المعطي بوعبيد
(1st Term)
22 March 1979 30 November 1983 UC
(7) Mohammed Karim Lamrani
محمد كريم العمراني
(b. 1919)
(2nd Term)
30 November 1983 30 September 1986 Independent
10 Azzeddine Laraki
عز الدين العراقي
30 September 1986 11 August 1992 Independent
(7) Mohammed Karim Lamrani
محمد كريم العمراني
(b. 1919)
(3rd Term)
11 August 1992 25 May 1994 Independent
11 Abdellatif Filali
عبد اللطيف الفلالي
25 May 1994 4 February 1998 Independent
style="background:; color:white;"| 12 Abderrahmane Youssoufi
عبد الرحمن اليوسفي
(b. 1924)
4 February 1998 9 October 2002 USFP
13 Driss Jettou
إدريس جطو
(b. 1945)
9 October 2002 19 September 2007 Independent
style="background:; color:white;"| 14 Abbas El Fassi
عباس الفاسي
(b. 1940)
19 September 2007 29 November 2011 PI
style="background:; color:white;"| 15 Abdelilah Benkirane
عبد الإله بنكيران
(b. 1954)
29 November 2011 Incumbent PJD


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