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Principality of Terebovlia

Principality of Terebovlia
Terebovlyanske kniyazivstvo
Теребовлянське князівство
Principality of the Kievan Rus'
Capital Terebovlia
 •  Established 1084
 •  United with Principality of Zvenyhorod and Principality of Peremyshl 1141
Political subdivisions Principalities of Kievan Rus

Principality of Terebovlia (Ukrainian: Теребовлянське князівство) was a Kievan Rus principality established as an appanage principality ca 1084 and was given to Vasylko Rostyslavych (his brothers, Volodar Rostislavich and Rurik Rostislavich, ruled Peremyshl (Przemyśl) and Zvenyhorod respectively).


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A southeastern appanage principality of Kievan Rus, the capital of which was Terebovlia. Its territories included parts of southeastern Galicia, Bukovyna, and western Podolia. It bordered on Kiev principality to the east, Zvenyhorod principality to the west, and parts of Volodymyr-Volynskyi principality, Lutsk principality, and Peresopnytsia principality to the north.

Vasylko Rostyslavych extensively colonized the territories southeast of Terebovlia by employing Turkic peoples (Berendeys, Torks, and Pechenegs), and he annexed Ponyzia, thereby securing it against nomadic raiders. Halych gained importance as a political and economic center; other important cities and fortresses included Terebovlia, Mykulyn (now Mykulyntsi), Chern (now Chernivtsi), Vasyliv (Bukovyna), Onut, Kuchelemyn, Bakota, Ushytsia, and Kalius. After Vasylko Rostyslavych's death in 1124, Halych principality seceded, and by 1141 Terebovlia principality had become a part of the Principality of Halych. After the Rostyslavych dynasty died out, it was briefly an appanage principality under Iziaslav Volodymyrovych.


  • Vasylko Rostyslavych 1084-1124
  • Ihor-Ivan Vasylkovich 1124-1141
  • Iziaslav Volodymyrovych 1210-1211

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  • (In Ukrainian) Леонтій Войтович. Князівські династії Східної Європи (кінець IX — початок XVI ст.): склад, суспільна і політична роль. Історико-генеалогічне дослідження
  • (In Ukrainian) Іван Крип’якевич. Галицько-Волинське князівство

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