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Quietrevolution wind turbine

quietrevolution turbine at the London Olympic Stadium

The quietrevolution is a brand of (VAWT) vertical axis helical turbine. The helical design is most similar to the Gorlov helical turbine. Both are an evolution of the Darrieus wind turbine. It has won several awards including the "Sustainable Innovation Award" in 2006. There are proposals to use the turbine in projects in New York and Shanghai.[1]

The turbine consists of three vertical airfoil blades, each having a helical twist of 120 degrees. This feature spreads the torque evenly over the entire revolution, thus preventing the destructive pulsations of the straight-bladed giromill (Darrieus turbine). The wind pushes each blade around on both the windward and leeward sides of the turbine.

The qr5 turbine, rated for 6 kW, measures 3.0m in diameter by 5m high. A 2.5 kW model is in development.

Poor performance of a QR5 installed at Welsh government offices in Aberystwyth has been blamed on poor siting.[2] The turbine's overall cost was given as £48,000 and in 2012 it generated an average of 33 kWh per month, a value of £5.28 per month.

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