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Regions of Iraq

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Iraq is composed of 18 governorates (muḥāfażah), also called "province" by some western media:


The 18 Governorates of the Republic of Iraq
Governorate Code Total area Population January 7, 2011 Capital
Al Anbar Governorate 31 700513850100000000053,476 sq mi (138,501 km2) 1,561,400 Ramadi
Arbil Governorate 44 70041507400000000005,820 sq mi (15,074 km2) 1,612,700 Erbil
Babil Governorate 51 70035119000000000001,976 sq mi (5,119 km2) 1,820,700 Hillah
Baghdad Governorate 10 70034555000000000001,759 sq mi (4,555 km2) 7,055,200 Baghdad
Basra Governorate 61 70041907000000000007,360 sq mi (19,070 km2) 2,532,000 Basra
Dhi Qar Governorate 64 70041290000000000005,000 sq mi (12,900 km2) 1,836,200 Nasiriyah
Diyala Governorate 32 70041768500000000006,828 sq mi (17,685 km2) 1,443,200 Baqubah
Dohuk Governorate 42 70036553000000000002,530 sq mi (6,553 km2) 1,128,700 Dohuk
Karbala Governorate 56 70035034000000000001,944 sq mi (5,034 km2) 1,066,600 Karbala
Kirkuk Governorate 36 70039679000000000003,737 sq mi (9,679 km2) 1,395,600 Kirkuk
Maysan Governorate 62 70041607200000000006,205 sq mi (16,072 km2) 971,400 Amarah
Muthanna Governorate 66 700451740000000000019,980 sq mi (51,740 km2) 719,100 Samawah
Najaf Governorate 54 700428824000000000011,129 sq mi (28,824 km2) 1,285,500 Najaf
Nineveh Governorate 41 700437323000000000014,410 sq mi (37,323 km2) 3,270,400 Mosul
Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate 58 70038153000000000003,148 sq mi (8,153 km2) 1,134,300 Al Diwaniyah
Saladin Governorate 34 70042475100000000009,556 sq mi (24,751 km2) 1,408,200 Tikrit
Sulaymaniyah Governorate 46 70041702300000000006,573 sq mi (17,023 km2) 1,878,800 Sulaymaniyah
Wasit Governorate 52 70041715300000000006,623 sq mi (17,153 km2) 1,210,600 Kut

Formerly claimed governorate

  • Kuwait (الكويت)

Kurdish autonomy

Since 2005, Iraq recognizes the authority of the Regional Kurdish Government in governing Iraqi Kurdistan autonomy combining the provinces of Arbil, Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah. Parts of the Kirkuk province are disputed between the KRG and the Iraqi central government over direct authority.

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