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Rugby League European Federation

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Title: Rugby League European Federation  
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Subject: Rugby League International Federation, Scotland national rugby league team, Rugby League European Cup, Nordic Cup (rugby league), Belgium national rugby league team
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Rugby League European Federation

Rugby League European Federation
Rugby League European Federation logo
Founded 2003[1]
RLIF affiliation 2004
Responsibility Europe and Northern Hemisphere[1]
Headquarters Red Hall, Red Hall Lane, Leeds, UK[2]
Membership 7 full members[1]
7 affiliate members[1]
6 official observers[1]
Key people Maurice Watkins[1] (Chair)
As of 30 June 2009

The Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) is the [1] The RLEF operates several competitions, most notably the European Cup.


The federation was founded January 2003 following an initiative between Richard Lewis, Executive Chairman of Britain's Rugby Football League (RFL) and his French counterpart Jean Paul Ferre.[1] The RLEF's first constitution was approved in January 2004 and the federation's first Board of Directors was elected.[1] This first Board of Directors consisted of Jean Paul Ferre as President/Chairman and Richard Lewis as Deputy Chairman with Nigel Wood and Nicolas Larrat being the other Board members.[1] Representatives for Morocco, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Lebanon, Ireland, Scotland and Wales attended.[1] Russia became a full member of the RLEF, joining Britain and France, and the RLIF soon after.[1]

At the time of its foundation, the RLEF placed a "particular emphasis on generating development funding within each country".[1] Historically, much of the development work conducted in Europe had been funded by the RFL.[3] Following the profitable 2008 World Cup, the RFL and RLEF prepared to bid for funds to enhance their activities.[3]

In December 2009, Kevin Rudd, a former Scotland rugby league international, stepped down as Executive Officer of the RLEF after more than five years in the post.[4] RLEF Chairman Richard Lewis stated that Rudd "has done an outstanding job and created a platform, structure and competitions framework that can take us into the future".[4] Rudd was succeeded by Danny Kazandjian.[5] Kazandjian had previously been a key figure in the establishment of rugby league in Lebanon and had led the RLEF's development drive in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions as Director of Development for the Euro-Med region.[5]

RLEF board


Currently seven nations are full members of the federation; there are also seven associate members and six official observers. Full members are entitled to a greater proportion of voting rights and to become members of the Rugby League International Federation.

In order to become an associate member, a nation must meet the following criteria:

  • Implementation of a constitution and rules that commit the governing body to acting in the best interest of rugby league, throughout the whole of their country.[1]
  • Production of an annual financial report.[1]
  • Running a league competition with at least four teams.[1]
  • Implementation of a junior development programme.[1]
  • The production of a [1]
  • A communications strategy.[1]
  • An administrators, match officials and coach education strategy.[1]

The RLEF stipulates that continued associate and full membership of the federation is subject to a check every two years to ensure that the minimum criteria are still being met.[1]

Full members

RLEF Nations
Colours Nation European Cup Wins
 England 15 (2012)
 Scotland 1 (2014)
 Wales 6 (2010)
 Ireland 0
 France 8 (2005)
 Serbia 0
 Ukraine 0
 Russia 0
 Lebanon 0
 South Africa 0
 Jamaica 0

Associate members

Official observers

Official RLEF Seedings

Rank Movement Team
1 Steady  England
2  France
3  Wales
4  Ireland
5  Scotland
6  Italy
7  Russia
8  Canada
9  Serbia
10  Germany
11  Norway
12 Increase 1  Ukraine
13 Decrease 1  Lebanon
14 Increase 7  Belgium
15 Decrease 1  Malta
16  Jamaica
17  Netherlands
18 Increase 2  Greece
19 Steady  Denmark
20 NEW  Spain
21 Decrease 4  South Africa
22  Czech Republic
23 Decrease 1  Latvia
24  Sweden
25  Hungary
26  Morocco
27 Steady  Ghana
28  Trinidad and Tobago
29  United Arab Emirates
30 NEW  Nigeria

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