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Sheikh Edebali

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Title: Sheikh Edebali  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Idries Shah, Uwaisi, Azeemiyya, Mouride, Tijaniyyah
Collection: 1206 Births, 1326 Deaths, 14Th-Century Ottoman People, Muslim Scholars, Ottoman People
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Sheikh Edebali

Sheikh Edebali (1258–1326), also referred as Balışeyh, was a highly influential Turkish Sufi Sheikh, who helped shape and develop the policies of the growing Ottoman State.[1] A descendant of Banu Tamim tribe (Arabic: بنو تميم) and the Al Khater / Khater (Arabic: خاطر) family he commanded great respect in the religious circles.


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Interaction with Ottoman leaders

Edebali often conversed with his close friend Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Osman Ghazi, about Islam and the state of affairs of Muslims in Anatolia. Osman had been Edebali's guest several times and became Osman's mentor and eventually girt him with a ghazi sword.[2] In an often mentioned account, Osman, while at Edebali's dergah, dreamed of the crescent moon coming out of Edebali’s chest and entering his own.[3] This dream was to lead to the establishment of the Ottoman State. Edebali's daughter Rabia Bala was married to Osman I in 1289.

Advice to Osman Ghazi

Advice of Sheikh Edebali to Osman Ghazi preserved on marble

Edebali's advice to his son in law, Osman Ghazi, shaped and developed Ottoman administration and rule for six centuries.

In one famous declaration, Edebali told Osman:[4]

O my son! Now you are king!

From now on, wrath is for us; for you, calm!

For us to be offended; for you to please!

For us to accuse; for you to endure!

For us, helplessness and error; for you, tolerance!

For us, quarrel; for you, justice!

For us, envy, rumor, slander; for you, forgiveness!

O my son!

From now on, it is for us to divide; for you to unite!

For us, sloth; for you, warning and encouragement!

O my son!

Be patient, a flower does not bloom before its time. Never forget: Let man flourish, and the state will also flourish!

O my son!

Your burden is heavy, your task hard, your power hangs on a hair! May God be your helper!

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  • Pictures of Bilecik and the Edebali lodge


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