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Shooting at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Women's 10 metre air pistol


Shooting at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Women's 10 metre air pistol

Women's 10 metre air pistol
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
Venue Mollet del Vallès
Competitors 47 from 31 nations
Winning score 486.4 (OR)
Gold medal    Unified Team
Silver medal    Independent Olympic Participants
Bronze medal    Bulgaria
Shooting at the
1992 Summer Olympics
50 m rifle three positions men women
50 m rifle prone men
10 m air rifle   men   women
50 m pistol men
25 m pistol women
25 m rapid fire pistol men
10 m air pistol men women
Trap open
Skeet open
Running target
10 m running target men

Women's 10 metre air pistol was one of the thirteen shooting events at the 1992 Summer Olympics. It was the first Olympic competition after the introduction of the new target in 1989, and thus two Olympic records were set. The defending champion, Jasna Šekarić, established the first when taking a two-point pre-final lead ahead of Marina Logvinenko. In the final, Logvinenko eliminated the gap and finished on exactly the same score as Šekarić, winning the gold medal by virtue of a higher final score, which was the rule at the time.

Qualification round

Rank Athlete Country Score Notes
1 Jasna Šekarić Independent Olympic Participants 389 Q OR
2 Marina Logvinenko Unified Team 387 Q
3 Mariya Grozdeva Bulgaria 383 Q
4 María Pilar Fernández Spain 382 Q
5 Cris Kajd Sweden 381 Q
6 Wang Lina China 381 Q
7 Mirosława Sagun Poland 381 Q
8 Daniela Dumitrascu Romania 381 Q
9 Li Shuanghong China 380
10 Nino Salukvadze Unified Team 380
11 Mirela Skoko Croatia 380
12 Britt-Marie Ellis Sweden 378
12 Karen Hansen Denmark 378
12 Jana Kubala Austria 378
15 Bang Hyun-joo South Korea 377
15 Liselotte Breker Germany 377
15 Ágnes Ferencz Hungary 377
15 Anne Goffin Belgium 377
15 Lee Sun-bock South Korea 377
15 Margit Stein Germany 377
21 Dorjsürengiin Mönkhbayar Mongolia 376
21 Inna Rose Estonia 376
21 Corine Serra-Tosio France 376
24 Altantsetsegiin Byambajav Mongolia 375
24 Annamária Gönczi Hungary 375
24 Evelyne Manchon France 375
24 Tania Perez Ramos Cuba 375
24 Constance Petracek United States 375
24 Jindriska Simkova Czechoslovakia 375
24 Michela Suppo Italy 375
31 Hisayo Chikusa Japan 374
31 Sharon Cozzarin Canada 374
31 M. E. Suárez García Spain 374
31 Margarita Tarradell Cuba 374
35 Chen Sheue-shya Chinese Taipei 373
35 Tania Staneva Bulgaria 373
37 Elizabeth Callahan United States 372
37 Jelena Tripolski Israel 372
39 Lynne-Marie Freh Australia 371
39 Agathi Kassoumi Greece 371
39 Julita Macur Poland 371
42 Jocelyn Lees New Zealand 369
42 Eszter Poljak Independent Olympic Participants 369
42 Sonia Vettenburg Bulgaria 369
45 Abha Dhillan India 366
45 Tanja Mara Giansante Brazil 366
47 Regina Kodymova Czechoslovakia 362

OR Olympic record – Q Qualified for final


Rank Athlete Qual Final Total Notes
1st  Marina Logvinenko (EUN) 387 99.4 486.4 OR
2nd  Jasna Šekarić (IOP) 389 97.4 486.4 OR
3rd  Mariya Grozdeva (BUL) 383 98.6 481.6
4  Wang Lina (CHN) 381 98.7 479.7
5  Cris Kajd (SWE) 381 97.9 478.9
6  María Pilar Fernández (ESP) 382 96.5 478.5
7  Daniela Dumitrascu (ROU) 381 97.1 478.1
8  Mirosława Sagun (POL) 381 96.8 477.8

OR Olympic record


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