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State Councilor

This article is part of a series on the
politics and government of

The State Councillor (cabinet). It ranks immediately below the Vice-Premiers and above the Ministers of various departments.[1]


  • Role 1
  • List of State Councilors 2
    • 5th NPC (1978-1983) 2.1
    • 6th NPC (1983-1988) 2.2
    • 7th NPC (1988-1993) 2.3
    • 8th NPC (1993-1998) 2.4
    • 9th NPC (1998-2003) 2.5
    • 10th NPC (2003-2008) 2.6
    • 11th NPC (2008-2013) 2.7
    • 12th NPC (2013-Present) 2.8
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In theory, State Councilors are to assist the Premier and Vice-Premiers to oversee various government portfolios. They can also represent the State Council (and in turn, China's government) on foreign visits. State Councilors are part of a Standing Committee of the State Council, alongside the Premier, Vice-Premiers, and the Secretary General of the State Council. The organ holds weekly meetings. In practice, a state councilor's portfolios can be very wide-ranging. State councilors often accompany China's higher dignitaries on trips abroad - as was the case with State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan from 2003–08, and Dai Bingguo from 2008–present. Dai also became China's representative at the 2009 G8 Summit in Italy when President Hu Jintao decided to cut short his attendance to return to China in order to deal with the July 2009 Urumqi riots.

List of State Councilors

5th NPC (1978-1983)

6th NPC (1983-1988)

7th NPC (1988-1993)

8th NPC (1993-1998)

9th NPC (1998-2003)

10th NPC (2003-2008)

Chen Zhili Hua Jianmin Cao Gangchuan Zhou Yongkang Tang Jiaxuan
(education, culture,
sports-related issues)
Secretary General
of the State Council
(economic-related issues)
Minister of Defence Minister of Public Security Foreign Minister

11th NPC (2008-2013)

Liu Yandong Ma Kai Liang Guanglie Meng Jianzhu Dai Bingguo
(education, culture,

sports, Hong Kong and Macau affairs)

Secretary General
of the State Council
(economic-related issues)
Minister of Defence Minister of Public Security (foreign, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese affairs)

12th NPC (2013-Present)[2]

Yang Jing Chang Wanquan Yang Jiechi Guo Shengkun Wang Yong
Secretary General
of the State Council

(economic-related issues)

Minister of Defence Deputy Director for National Leading
Group for Climate Change
and for Energy Conservation
& Reduction of Pollution Discharge

(foreign, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
and overseas Chinese affairs)

Minister of Public Security Director of the
National Committee for
Disaster Reduction

(state-owned assets, work safety,
commerce and quality supervision)


  1. ^ Laws on the composition of the State Council
  2. ^ NPC endorses new cabinet lineup

External links

  • Governing Laws of the State Council
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