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Stewart Friedman

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Title: Stewart Friedman  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Work–life balance
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Stewart Friedman

Stewart D. Friedman
Born Washington, D.C.
Occupation Professor at Wharton School of Business - University of Pennsylvania, Author, Public Speaker, Consultant, Blogger at Harvard Business Review, Work–Life Integration Expert, Leadership Development Expert

Stewart D. Friedman is a professor at the

Friedman has published numerous books and articles on work/life integration, leadership, and the dynamics of change.Transaction Publishers after being in print for 25 years.

Friedman has consulted a wide range of organizations,

Friedman holds a B.A. in Psychology from S.U.N.Y. Binghamton and an M.A. in Psychology and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.

Total Leadership

In Friedman's most recent book,

This approach, Friedman writes, is superior at integrating work and the rest of life, preferable to the pursuit of “balance,” which erroneously assumes the necessity of tradeoffs. With “four-way wins,” all parties benefit. From this perspective, individuals realize that their actions as leaders serve a larger purpose, making the world better. They feel part of something bigger than their own lives, and thereby find greater meaning in what they do. The approach has been used in non-profits as well as major for-profit corporations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, and South America to increase organizational and individual productivity by decreasing stress, turnover, and absenteeism by capitalizing on one's personal life interests and priorities. Total Leadership is a primary intervention in a multi-year study funded by the National Institute of Health.

Friedman presents Total Leadership as a proven method to achieving four-way wins. It is based upon following these principles using stakeholder interviews for 360 degree feedback:[13]

1. Be Real: Act with authenticity by clarifying what’s important.

2. Be Whole: Act with integrity by respecting the whole person.

3. Be Innovative: Act with creativity by continually experimenting.

Honors and awards

  • Thinkers 50 in 2011 ("the definitive global ranking of management thinkers") [1]
  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Core Curriculum in 2011 ([2]
  • Winner of the CEO READ Best Business Book Award 2008 - Personal Development [3]
  • One of Working Mother's 25 most influential men in 2007 for "having made things better for working parents" [4]
  • William Whitney Teaching Award in 2007 [5]
  • MBA Core Curriculum Teaching Award in 1996 ([6]
  • Outstanding Teaching Award in 1993 ([7]
  • Outstanding Teaching Award in 1990 ([8]


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  • Work and Family—Allies or Enemies?, published by the Oxford University Press in 2000 (ISBN 0-19511-275-X).
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