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Suffrage Hikes

Suffrage hikers in Newark, New Jersey in 1913

The Suffrage Hikes of 1912 to 1914 brought attention to the issue of Manhattan to Albany, New York.[2][3] The second hike was from New York City to Washington, D.C., and covered 230 miles in 17 days.[4][5]


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The major participants of the hikes, and the ones who covered the entire distance, were reporter Emma Bugbee,[6] Ida Craft (nicknamed The Colonel),[7] Elisabeth Freeman,[8] and Rosalie Gardiner Jones, who was known as The General.[8]

1912 Suffrage Hike to Albany

It began on Monday morning at 9:40 am, December 16, 1912, and left from the 242nd street subway station in Manhattan, where about 500 women had gathered. About 200, including the newspaper correspondents, started to walk north. The march continued for thirteen days, through sun and rain and snow covering a distance of 170 miles, including detours for speeches. The first 5 pilgrims walked into Albany at 4:00 pm, December 28, 1912.[3][9]

1913 Suffrage Hike to Washington


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