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Takis Fotopoulos

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Title: Takis Fotopoulos  
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Subject: Deletion review/The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy, Direct democracy, Libertarian socialism, Cornelius Castoriadis, Democracy
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Takis Fotopoulos

Takis Fotopoulos
Born (1940-10-14) October 14, 1940
Chios, Greece
Era 20th / 21st-century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy
School Founder of the Inclusive Democracy project
Main interests
Political philosophy, political economy, philosophy of social science, international political economy, international relations, social movements
Notable ideas
Inclusive Democracy, the present multi-dimensional crisis, the transnational elite and its wars on terrorism, critique of left-wing politics

Takis Fotopoulos (Greek: Τάκης Φωτόπουλος born October 14, 1940) is a political philosopher and economist who founded the Inclusive Democracy movement. He is noted for his synthesis of classical democracy with libertarian socialism[1] and the radical currents in the new social movements. He was an academic, and has written many books and over 900 articles, several of which have been translated into various languages. He is the editor of The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy (which succeeded Democracy & Nature) and author of Towards An Inclusive Democracy (1997) in which the foundations of the Inclusive Democracy project were set.[2] Fotopoulos is Greek and lives in London.[3]


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  • Academia and afterwards 2
  • Inclusive Democracy 3
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    • Selected translations of works by Fotopoulos 4.2
    • Original Greek 4.3
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  • Further reading 7
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    • Selected talks 8.3

Early life

Fotopoulos was born on the Greek island of Greek military junta of 1967–1974. During this period, he was a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Groups in London, which published the newspaper Μαμή ("Midwife", from the Marxian dictum, "violence is the midwife of revolution"), for which he wrote several articles.[5] Fotopoulos is married since 1966 with Sia Mamareli, (she was a lawyer) both have a son Costas born 1974.

Academia and afterwards

He was Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Polytechnic of North London from 1969 to 1989, until he started editing the journal Society & Nature, later Democracy & Nature and subsequently the online International Journal of Inclusive Democracy.[2][3] He was also a columnist of Eleftherotypia,[6] the second-biggest newspaper in Greece.[7]

Inclusive Democracy

Fotopoulos developed the political project of Inclusive Democracy in 1997 (an exposition can be found in Towards An Inclusive Democracy). The first issue of Society & Nature declared that:

"our ambition is to initiate an urgently needed dialogue on the crucial question of developing a new liberatory social project, at a moment in History when the Left has abandoned this traditional role."[8]

and specified that the new project should be seen as the outcome of a synthesis of the democratic, libertarian socialist and radical Green traditions.[9] Since then, a dialogue has followed in the pages of the journal, in which supporters of the automony project like Cornelius Castoriadis, social ecology supporters including its founder Murray Bookchin, and Green activists and academics like Steven Best have taken part.

The starting point for Fotopoulos's work is that the world faces a multi-dimensional crisis (economic, ecological, social, cultural and political) which is caused by the concentration of power in elites, as a result of the market economy, representative democracy and related forms of hierarchical structure. An inclusive democracy, which involves the equal distribution of power at all levels, is seen not as a utopia (in the negative sense of the word) or a "vision" but as perhaps the only way out of the present crisis, with trends towards its creation manifesting themselves today in many parts of the world. Fotopoulos is in favor of market abolitionism, although he would not identify himself as a market abolitionist as such because he considers market abolition as one aspect of an inclusive democracy which refers only to the economic democracy component of it. He proposes a model of economic democracy for a stateless, marketless and moneyless economy but he considers that the economic democracy component is equally significant to the other components of ID, i.e. political or direct democracy, economic democracy, ecological democracy and democracy in the social realm. Fotopoulos' work has been critically assessed by important activists, theorists and scholars.[10][1][11][12][13][14]

Selected Bibliography

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Selected translations of works by Fotopoulos

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Original Greek

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See also


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Further reading

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External links


  • Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy"Inclusive Democracy" entry in the , (ed. by Barry Jones), Vol. 2 (2001), pp. 732–740.
  • Takis Fotopoulos' Archive

Selected interviews

  • "What is Inclusive Democracy? on YouTube. Takis Fotopoulos' Interview about Inclusive Democracy". Interview taken by Oliver Ressler for his video series Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies (2003-2008) (July 19, 2003). Retrieved 21 April 2014.
  • Inclusive Democracy - A transcript of the video interview given by Takis Fotopoulos to Oliver Ressler for the project Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies (2003-2008) (Recorded in London, 2003). Retrieved 9 October 2015.
  • Interview with Galina Tichinskaya for "Is there a way out of the crisis within EU? The case of Greece" on YouTube and transcript: "Is there a way out of the crisis within EU? The case of Greece" (26 February 2015).
  • "On the rise of Neoliberalism: An Interview with Takis Fotopoulos" (8 May 2009). Retrieved 21 April 2014.
  • Interview for Equal Time for Freethought radio show, [original aired as Show 247: Takis Fotopoulos, 30 December 2007; later due to its poor audio quality replaced and renamed Show 289: 1-Hour Special: A Prescription for Real Social Change.] (WBAI radio 99.5 FM, New York City, USA). transcript, audio (1:00:48 min).

Selected talks

  • "Inclusive Democracy as a political project for a new libertarian synthesis: rationale, proposed social structure and transition" talk given by Takis Fotopoulos at the CNT centenary conference on self-management (Barcelona, 10 April 2010). Retrieved 21 April 2014.
  • Takis Fotopoulos talk on the Multidimensional Crisis and Inclusive Democracy (Exeter College, University of Oxford, 12 November 2008). Video in 3 parts: Part 1 (talk), part 2 (talk/discussion), part 3 (discussion). Retrieved 21 April 2014.
  • A talk given by Takis Fotopoulos about the Internationalization of the Capitalist Market Economy and the project of Inclusive Democracy (University of Vermont (US), 19 April 1996), followed by a discussion with Murray Bookchin, Dan Chodorkoff and others. Video in 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Retrieved 21 April 2014.
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