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Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine

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Title: Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Biology and sexual orientation, Bisexuality, Heterosexual–homosexual continuum, Human female sexuality, Neuroscience and sexual orientation
Collection: History of Medicine, Lgbt-Related Lists, Sexual Orientation and Medicine
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine

Timeline of events related to sexual orientation and medicine


  • 19th century 1
  • 20th century 2
  • 21st century 3
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19th century


20th century


  • Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, the first "Kinsey Report", is published by Dr. Alfred Kinsey


  • Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, the second "Kinsey Report", is published by Dr. Alfred Kinsey




  • The Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights is founded in San Francisco as a support group for gay and lesbian medical students, residents, and other health care providers. The group claims to be the first LGBT medical society in the US.[1]




  • The World health organization replaces its categorization of homosexuality as a mental illness with the diagnosis of ego-dystonic homosexuality.


  • Dr. Dean Hamer publishes a paper suggesting a genetic component to sexual orientation.[2]



  • The US Department of Defense includes homosexuality in a list of "mental disorders," in a document known as "directive 1332.38: physical disability evaluation."

21st century



  • [6]
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes "Sexual orientation and adolescents", a report on the state of health of LGBT youth in the United States.


  • American Medical Association president Edward Hill, MD becomes the first AMA president to address the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association in a speech entitled "Understanding, Advocacy, Leadership: The AMA Perspective on LGBT Health."


  • [10]



  • National Library of Medicine created the medical subject heading "Homophobia". The new medical topic is meant to catalog scientific reporting on "Differential treatment or unequal access to opportunities or services based on perceived homosexual preference or orientation."[13]

See also


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  • "The Lesbian and Gay Health Care Community and the AMA"
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