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Title: Tone  
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Subject: Savanes Region, Togo, Prefectures of Togo, Joe Lipari, Kapa, Burkina Faso, Lomé
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Tone may refer to:


  • Musical tone
  • Musical note, the name of a pitch
  • Pitch (music), the high or low sound of a musical instrument
  • Pure tone is a tone with a sinusoidal waveform
  • Reciting tone, such as Psalm tone and recitative, as in Gregorian chants
  • Timbre, the quality of a musical note or sound that distinguishes different types of sound production
  • Tonality, a system of music based on a key "center", or tonic
  • Tone control, a (typically electronic) control for affecting frequency content of an audio signal
  • Tone (linguistics), the pitch and pitch changes in words of certain languages
  • Tone (musical instrument), the audible characteristics of a musician's sound
  • Whole tone, or major second, a commonly occurring musical interval

Music and artists



  • Muscle tone, the state of tension or responsiveness of the organs or tissues of the body
  • Toning exercises, the use of exercise to develop hard, but not necessarily large, musculature tone


Given name

  • Tone Lōc (born 1966), American hip hop artist and actor
  • Tone Damli Aaberge (born 1988), Norwegian singer
  • Tone, American producer and member of the production group Trackmasters
  • Tone, alias of Tony Chung, member of Taiwanese-American mainstream pop duo Cool Silly


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