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University of North Sumatra

Sumatera Utara University
Sumatera Utara University
Logo of the University of Sumatera Utara
Established 4 June 1952
Type Public
Rector Prof Dr dr Syahril Pasaribu DTM&H MSc(CTM) SpA(K)
Location Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Campus Urban
Affiliations AUAP[1]

The Sumatera Utara University (Indonesian: Universitas Sumatera Utara) or (USU) is a public university located in the city of Medan in North Sumatera, Indonesia.

It is situated in Padang Bulan, in the Medan Baru subdistrict of Medan, close to the City Centre, with a total area of 122 hectares. Due to an increase in student numbers, a new campus is being constructed in Kwala Bekala, 15 km distant, with a 300 hectare campus area.[2]

Its rectors serve eight-year renewable terms.

USU was established as a Foundation Universitet North Sumatera on June 4, 1952. The first is the Faculty of Medicine Faculty which was established on August 20, 1952, now commemorated as the anniversary USU. President of Indonesia, Sukarno then USU inaugurated as the seventh state university in Indonesia on November 20, 1957.


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History of the University of North Sumatera began with the founding of North Sumatera Universitet Foundation on June 4, 1952. Establishment of the foundation was spearheaded by the Governor of North Sumatera to meet the wishes of the people of North Sumatera, Indonesia in particular and society in general.

The Foundation is managed by a Board chaired by the Governor of North Sumatera, with the following composition:

  • Abdul Hakim (Chairman)
  • Dr. T. Mansoer (Vice Chairman)
  • Dr. Soemarsono (Secretary / Treasurer)
  • Members:
    • Ir. R. S. Danunagoro. Drh. Sahar
    • Drg. Oh Tjie Lien
    • Anwar Abubakar, Madong Lopez
    • Dr. Maas. J. Trees
    • Drg. Barlan
    • Soetan Paruhum Pane

Actually, the desire to establish universities in Medan has begun since before World War II, but not approved by the Dutch government at that time. In the days of Japanese occupation, some prominent people in the field including Dr. Pirngadi and Dr. T. Mansoer Medical college draft. After Indonesian independence, the government appointed Dr.. Mohd. Djamil in Bukit Tinggi as chairman of the committee. After the restoration of sovereignty due to clash in 1947. Governor Abdul Hakim took the initiative to encourage people throughout North Sumatera raise money for the establishment of a university in this region.

On December 31, 1951 formed the founding college preparatory committee, chaired by Dr. Soemarsono whose members consist of Dr. Ahmad Sofian, Ir. Danunagoro, and secretary-Mr. Djaidin Antique. In addition to the Leadership Council Foundation, the Organization of USU in the early establishment consists of: Board of Curators, University President, the Assembly President and assessors, University Senate, and Board Fakultet.

As a result of cooperation and moral and material assistance from the entire community of North Sumatera at that time included the Special Territory of Aceh, on August 20, 1952 successfully established the Faculty of Medicine, Seram street with twenty-seven persons including two women students. Then followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge (1954), Faculty Keguguruan and Science Education (1956), and the Faculty of Agriculture (1956).

On November 20, 1957, USU was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. Ir. Soekarno became the seventh state university in Indonesia. Inauguration date is then set as the Dies Natalis USU is commemorated every year until 2001. Then at the suggestion of several members of the University Senate, anniversaries USU reviewed. University Senate finally decided that day so USU was on August 20, 1952 which is when the first lecture starts at USU environment. With the approval of the Ministry of National Education, in 2002 at USU Anniversary commemorated its 50th.

In 1959, opened in Medan Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Economics at Kutaradja (Banda Aceh), which was inaugurated by President royally Later in the same town was founded Faculty of Medicine and Animal Husbandry (I960). So at that time, USU consists of five faculties in Medan and the two faculties in Banda Aceh. In the course has now reached the age of fifty years, through various development programs implemented, much progress has been achieved, which makes USU grown to like the situation now.

Currently, USU manages more than one hundred study program consisting of various levels of higher education, which is covered in ten faculties and one graduate program. In the process, some faculty at USU environment has become an embryo establishment of three new public universities, namely Kuala University in Banda Aceh (from the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry), Medan State Teachers' Training College which is now turned into a State University of Medan (from the Faculty Teacher Training and Science Education), Medan State Polytechnic (Polytechnic of USU).


USU Teaching Hospital

University of North Sumatera is ongoing to build the biggest teaching hospital in Indonesia.[3]


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