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Vice President of Panama

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Title: Vice President of Panama  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Eric Arturo Delvalle, Panamanian general election, 2014, Constitution of Panama, Foreign relations of Panama, Districts of Panama
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Vice President of Panama

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The Vice President of Panama is the second highest political position in the Government of Panama. Since 2009, the position of Vice President has been held by only one person.[1] Previously, there were positions of First Vice President and Second Vice President, also known as First Designate to Presidency (Primer Designado a la Presidencia) and Second Designate (Segundo Designado a la Presidencia). According to the current constitution, Vice Presidents are elected in the same ticket as the President. However, the position of Second Vice President has been abolished since 2009.

An incomplete list of Vice Presidents of Panama follows.
Term First Vice President Second Vice President Third Vice President
1904–1908 José Domingo de Obaldia
1908–1909 José Agustín Arango Carlos Antonio Mendoza
1909–1910 Carlos Antonio Mendoza Federico Boyd
1910 Federico Boyd
1910–1912 Pablo Arosemena
1912–1916 Rodolfo Chiari
1916–1918 Ciro Urriola Ramón F. Acevedo Pedro Antonio Díaz
1918 Ramón F. Acevedo Pedro Antonio Díaz Vacant
1918 Belisario Porras Barahona Pedro Antonio Díaz Ernesto Lefevre
1918–1919 Pedro Antonio Díaz Ernesto Lefevre Vacant
1919–1920 Ernesto Lefevre Vacant Vacant
1920–1922 Rodolfo Chiari Enrique Adolfo Jiménez
1922–1924 Rodolfo Chiari Antenor Quinzada Nicanor A. De Obarrio
1924–1926 Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Carlos L. López Enrique Linares
1926–1928 Tomás Gabriel Duque Carlos L. López Eduardo Chiari
1928–1930 Ricardo Alfaro Carlos L. López Eduardo Chiari
1930–1931 Tomás Gabriel Duque Carlos L. López Enrique Linares
1931 Ricardo Alfaro Carlos L. López Eduardo Chiari
1931–1932 Carlos L. López Eduardo Chiari Vacant
1932–1936 Domingo Díaz Arosemena
1936–1939 Augusto Samuel Boyd Ezequiel Fernández no
1939–1940 Augusto Samuel Boyd Vacant no
1940–1941 José Pezet Arosemena Ernesto Jaén Guardia (resigned on 9 October 1941) Aníbal Ríos Delgado
1941 José Pezet Arosemena (resigned on 11 October 1941) Aníbal Ríos Delgado Vacant
1941 Aníbal Ríos Delgado (resigned on 13 December 1941) Vacant Vacant
1941–1945 Vacant Vacant Vacant
1945 Jeptha Brawner Duncan Guillén-Arosemena Miguel Ángel Grimaldo Alcibíades Arosemena
1945–1948 Ernesto de la Guardia Raul Jimenez no
1948–1949 Daniel Chanis Roberto Chiari no
1949 Roberto Chiari Vacant no
1949 (Nov) Vacant Vacant no
1949–1951 Alcibíades Arosemena José Ramón Guizado no
1951–1952 José Ramón Guizado Vacant no
1952–1955 José Ramón Guizado Ricardo Arias no
1955 Ricardo Arias Vacant no
1955–1956 Vacant Vacant no
1956–1960 Temistocles Díaz Heraclio Barletta no
1960–1964 Sergio González Ruíz José Dominador Bazán no
1964–1968 Max Delvalle Levy-Maduro Raúl Arango Navarro no
1968 Raúl Arango Navarro José Dominador Bazán no
1968–1972 Vacant Vacant no
1972–1975 Arturo Sucre Pereira (resigned) no no
1975–1978 Gerardo González Vernaza no no
1978–1982 Ricardo de la Espriella no no
1982–1984 Jorge Illueca no no
1984 Carlos Ozores Typaldos no no
1984–1985 Eric Arturo Delvalle Roderick L. Esquivel no
1985–1988 Roderick Esquivel Vacant no
1989 Carlos Ozores Typaldos Vacant no
1989–1992 Ricardo Arias Calderón Guillermo Ford Boyd no
1992–1994 Guillermo Ford Boyd Vacant no
1994–1999 Tomás Gabriel Altamirano Duque Felipe Alejandro Virzi Lopez no
1999–2004 Arturo Ulises Vallarino Bartuano Dominador Baldomero Bazán no
2004–2009 Samuel Lewis Navarro Rubén Arosemena Valdés no
2009-2014 Juan Carlos Varela no no
2014- Isabel Saint Malo no no

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