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Virginia House of Delegates elections, 2009


Virginia House of Delegates elections, 2009

2009 Elections to the Virginia House of Delegates were held on November 3, 2009. Prior to the election, Republicans held 53 seats, Democrats held 43 seats, and Independents held 2 seats (both of whom caucus with the Republicans). There are 2 seats previously held by Democrats that are currently vacant: the 69th (Frank Hall resigned April 14, 2009) and the 80th (Ken Melvin resigned May 1, 2009). As of November 4, 2009, eight incumbent Democrats were defeated, one incumbent Republican was defeated, and one open Republican seat was won by a Democrat. The composition of the House of Delegates in 2010 will be 59 Republicans, 2 Independents who caucus with the Republicans, and 39 Democrats.

Election results

Party abbreviations: D - Democratic, R - Republican, C - Constitution Party, I - Independent, IG - Independent Green, L - Libertarian

District Incumbent Party Elected Status 2009 Result
1st Terry Kilgore Republican 1993 Reelected Terry Kilgore (R) unopposed
2nd Bud Phillips Democratic 1989 Reelected Bud Phillips (D) unopposed
3rd Dan Bowling Democratic 2006 Defeated Will Morefield (R) 57.1%
Dan Bowling (D) 42.8%
4th Joe Johnson Democratic 1989 Reelected Joe Johnson (D) unopposed
5th C. W. Carrico Republican 2001 Reelected C. W. Carrico (R) unopposed
6th Anne B. Crockett-Stark Republican 2005 Reelected Anne B. Crockett-Stark (R) 65.2%
Carole Pratt (D) 34.7%
7th Dave Nutter Republican 2001 Reelected Dave Nutter (R) 60.1%
Peggy Frank (D) 39.8%
8th Morgan Griffith Republican 1993 Reelected Morgan Griffith (R) 68.8%
Carter Turner (D) 31.0%
9th Charles Poindexter Republican 2007 Reelected Charles Poindexter (R) 79.0%
Sherman David Witcher (IG) 20.7%
10th Ward Armstrong Democratic 1991 Reelected Ward Armstrong (D) 56.5%
Edward Creed (R) 43.4%
11th Onzlee Ware Democratic 2003 Reelected Onzlee Ware (D) 60.3%
Troy Bird (R) 39.6%
12th Jim Shuler Democratic 1993 Reelected Jim Shuler (D) 72.2%
Paul Cornett (I) 27.3%
13th Bob Marshall Republican 1991 Reelected Bob Marshall (R) 61.3%
John Bell (D) 38.6%
14th Danny Marshall Republican 2001 Reelected Danny Marshall (R) 64.1%
Seward Anderson (D) 35.8%
15th Todd Gilbert Republican 2005 Reelected Todd Gilbert (R) 69.3%
John Lesinski (D) 30.7%
16th Donald Merricks Republican 2007 Reelected Donald Merricks (R) unopposed
17th William Fralin Republican 2003 Retired; Republican hold William Cleaveland (R) 62.0%
Gwen Mason (D) 37.9%
18th Clay Athey Republican 2001 Reelected Clay Athey (R) 82.4%
Todd Jack (C) 17.0%
19th Lacey Putney Independent 1961 Reelected Lacey Putney (I) 64.1%
Lewis Medlin (D) 20.6%
William Smith (C) 15.1%
20th Chris Saxman Republican 2001 Retired; Republican hold Dickie Bell (R) 71.2%
Erik Curren (D) 28.7%
21st Bobby Mathieson Democratic 2007 Defeated Ron Villanueva (R) 49.9%
Bobby Mathieson (D) 49.8%
22nd Kathy Byron Republican 1997 Reelected Kathy Byron (R) unopposed
23rd Shannon Valentine Democratic 2006 Defeated T. Scott Garrett (R) 50.4%
Shannon Valentine (D) 49.4%
24th Ben Cline Republican 2002 Reelected Ben Cline (R) 70.9%
Jeff Price (D) 29.1%
25th Steve Landes Republican 1995 Reelected Steve Landes (R) 73.2%
Greg Marrow (D) 26.7%
26th Matt Lohr Republican 2005 Reelected Matt Lohr (R) 73.0%
Gene Hart Jr. (D) 26.9%
27th Sam Nixon Republican 1994 Reelected Sam Nixon (R) unopposed
28th William J. Howell Republican 1987 Reelected William J. Howell (R) 74.8%
Craig Ennis (IG) 24.5%
29th Beverly Sherwood Republican 1993 Reelected Beverly Sherwood (R) 80.0%
Aaron Tweedie (I) 19.7%
30th Ed Scott Republican 2003 Reelected Ed Scott (R) 75.5%
Matthew Carson (I) 24.4%
31st Scott Lingamfelter Republican 2001 Reelected Scott Lingamfelter (R) unopposed
32nd David Poisson Democratic 2005 Defeated Tag Greason (R) 57.5%
David Poisson (D) 42.4%
33rd Joe May Republican 1993 Reelected Joe May (R) unopposed
34th Margi Vanderhye Democratic 2007 Defeated Barbara Comstock (R) 50.8%
Margi Vanderhye (D) 49.1%
35th Steve Shannon Democratic 2003 Ran for Attorney General;
Democratic hold
Mark Keam (D) 50.7%
James Hyland (R) 49.2%
36th Ken Plum Democratic 1981 Reelected Ken Plum (D) 59.9%
Hugh "Mac" Cannon (R) 39.9%
37th David Bulova Democratic 2005 Reelected David Bulova (D) 67.6%
Chris DeCarlo (I) 24.7%
Anna Choi (IG) 6.9%
38th Bob Hull Democratic 1992 Defeated in primary;
Democratic hold
Kaye Kory (D) 59.5%
Danny Smith (R) 40.2%
39th Vivian E. Watts Democratic 1995 Reelected Vivian E. Watts (D) 56.4%
Joseph Bury (R) 39.5%
Matthew Cholko (L) 3.1%
James Leslie (IG) 0.9%
40th Tim Hugo Republican 2002 Reelected Tim Hugo (R) 63.4%
Sue Conrad (D) 36.5%
41st Dave Marsden Democratic 2005 Reelected Dave Marsden (D) 49.6%
Kerry Bolognese (R) 48.6%
Monique Berry (IG) 1.7%
42nd Dave Albo Republican 1993 Reelected Dave Albo (R) 56.6%
Greg Werkheiser (D) 43.3%
43rd Mark Sickles Democratic 2003 Reelected Mark Sickles (D) 56.1%
Timothy Nank (R) 43.8%
44th Kris Amundson Democratic 1999 Retired; Democratic hold Scott Surovell (D) 53.4%
James McConville (R) 44.9%
Glenda Gail Parker (IG) 1.6%
45th David Englin Democratic 2005 Reelected David Englin (D) 61.2%
Vicki Vasques (R) 38.7%
46th Charniele Herring Democratic 2009 Reelected Charniele Herring (D) 64.0%
Sasha Gong (R) 35.9%
47th Al Eisenberg Democratic 2003 Retired; Democratic hold Patrick Hope (D) 63.5%
Eric Brescia (R) 31.7%
Joshua Ruebner (G) 4.6%
48th Bob Brink Democratic 1997 Reelected Bob Brink (D) 62.3%
Aaron Ringel (R) 37.6%
49th Adam Ebbin Democratic 2003 Reelected Adam Ebbin (D) unopposed
50th Jackson Miller Republican 2006 Reelected Jackson Miller (R) 62.4%
Jeanette Rishell (D) 37.5%
51st Paul Nichols Democratic 2007 Defeated Richard Anderson (R) 50.8%
Paul Nichols (D) 49.1%
52nd Jeff Frederick Republican 2003 Retired; Democratic takeover Luke Torian (D) 51.9%
Rafael Lopez (R) 47.8%
53rd Jim Scott Democratic 1991 Reelected Jim Scott (D) 61.4%
Christopher Merola (R) 38.5%
54th Bobby Orrock Republican 1989 Reelected Bobby Orrock (R) unopposed
55th Frank Hargrove Republican 1981 Retired; Republican hold John Cox (R) 75.5%
Robert Barnette (D) 24.2%
56th Bill Janis Republican 2001 Reelected Bill Janis (R) 69.7%
James Towey (D) 30.2%
57th David Toscano Democratic 2005 Reelected David Toscano (D) 78.2%
Robert Brandon Smith III (I) 21.4%
58th Rob Bell Republican 2001 Reelected Rob Bell (R) 67.2%
Cynthia Neff (D) 32.7%
59th Watkins Abbitt, Jr. Independent 1985 Reelected Watkins Abbitt, Jr. (I) unopposed
60th Clarke Hogan Republican 2001 Retired; Republican hold James E. Edmunds (R) unopposed
61st Tommy Wright Republican 2000 Reelected Tommy Wright (R) unopposed
62nd Riley Ingram Republican 1991 Reelected Riley Ingram (R) unopposed
63rd Rosalyn Dance Democratic 2005 Reelected Rosalyn Dance (D) unopposed
64th Bill Barlow Democratic 1991 Reelected Bill Barlow (D) 50.7%
Stan Clark (R) 46.7%
Albert Burckard Jr. (IG) 2.5%
65th Lee Ware Republican 1998 Reelected Lee Ware (R) 71.5%
Gary Rinehardt (I) 28.3%
66th Kirk Cox Republican 1989 Reelected Kirk Cox (R) unopposed
67th Chuck Caputo Democratic 2005 Defeated James LeMunyon (R) 52.7%
Chuck Caputo (D) 47.3%
68th Manoli Loupassi Republican 2007 Reelected Manoli Loupassi (R) 69.7%
Bill Grogan (I) 29.8%
69th vacant Betsy B. Carr (D) 72.7%
Ernesto Sampson (R) 21.6%
Shirley Harvey (I) 5.5%
70th Delores McQuinn Democratic 2009 Reelected Delores McQuinn (D) 77.6%
Henry Otis Brown (I) 21.7%
71st Jennifer McClellan Democratic 2005 Reelected Jennifer McClellan (D) 82.4%
Silver Persinger (I) 17.0%
72nd Jimmie Massie Republican 2007 Reelected Jimmie Massie (R) unopposed
73rd John O'Bannon Republican 2000 Reelected John O'Bannon (R) 62.3%
Thomas Shields (D) 37.6%
74th Joe Morrissey Democratic 2007 Reelected Joe Morrissey (D) 76.2%
Michael Gage (R) 23.7%
75th Roslyn Tyler Democratic 2005 Reelected Roslyn Tyler (D) unopposed
76th Chris Jones Republican 1997 Reelected Chris Jones (R) unopposed
77th Lionell Spruill Democratic 1993 Reelected Lionell Spruill (D) unopposed
78th John Cosgrove Republican 2001 Reelected John Cosgrove (R) unopposed
79th Johnny Joannou Democratic 1997 Reelected Johnny Joannou (D) unopposed
80th vacant Matthew James (D) 68.5%
Jennifer Lee (R) 31.3%
81st Barry Knight Republican 2009 Reelected Barry Knight (R) unopposed
82nd Harry "Bob" Purkey Republican 1985 Reelected Harry "Bob" Purkey (R) 60.4%
Peter Schmidt (D) 35.1%
John Parmele (I) 4.4%
83rd Joe Bouchard Democratic 2007 Defeated Chris Stolle (R) 59.5%
Joe Bouchard (D) 40.4%
84th Sal Iaquinto Republican 2005 Reelected Sal Iaquinto (R) unopposed
85th Bob Tata Republican 1983 Reelected Bob Tata (R) 81.1%
French D. Mackes Jr. (C) 18.4%
86th Tom Rust Republican 2001 Reelected Tom Rust (R) 53.8%
Stevens Miller (D) 46.0%
87th Paula Miller Democratic 2004 Reelected Paula Miller (D) 56.6%
John Amiral (R) 43.2%
88th Mark Cole Republican 2001 Reelected Mark Cole (R) unopposed
89th Kenny Alexander Democratic 2002 Reelected Kenny Alexander (D) 69.4%
Anthony Triplin (I) 30.6%
90th Algie Howell Democratic 2003 Reelected Algie Howell (D) 66.6%
Jason Call (R) 33.1%
91st Tom Gear Republican 2001 Reelected Tom Gear (R) 48.3%
Gordon Helsel (I) 32.6%
Samuel Eure (D) 19.0%
92nd Jeion Ward Democratic 2003 Reelected Jeion Ward (D) unopposed
93rd Phil Hamilton Republican 1988 Defeated Robin Abbott (D) 53.9%
Phil Hamilton (R) 45.6%
94th Glenn Oder Republican 2001 Reelected Glenn Oder (R) 67.6%
Gary West (D) 32.2%
95th Mamye BaCote Democratic 2003 Reelected Mamye BaCote (D) unopposed
96th Brenda Pogge Republican 2007 Reelected Brenda Pogge (R) unopposed
97th Chris Peace Republican 2006 Reelected Chris Peace (R) unopposed
98th Harvey Morgan Republican 1979 Reelected Harvey Morgan (R) unopposed
99th Albert C. Pollard Democratic 2008 Reelected Albert C. Pollard (D) 52.2%
Catherine Crabill (R) 47.7%
100th Lynwood Lewis Democratic 2003 Reelected Lynwood Lewis (D) 64.0%
Melody Scalley (R) 34.8%
John W. Smith Jr. (I) 1.1%


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  • Virginia State Board of Elections
  • Villanueva declared winner in 21st District race

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