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White House Military Office

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Title: White House Military Office  
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Subject: White House Medical Unit, White House Communications Agency, Executive Office of the President of the United States, Air Force One, Physician to the President
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White House Military Office

White House Military Office
Agency overview
Formed 1957
Preceding Agency Numerous smaller offices
Headquarters White House
Employees 100
Agency executive George D. Mulligan Jr., Director
Parent agency Executive Office of the President of the United States
Website White House Military Office

The White House Military Office (WHMO), an entity of the [1]


Today's White House Military Office is an White House Transportation Agency.

Camp David was established in 1942 to provide the President a safe and relaxing residence away from the White House. That same year, the White House Communications Agency was formed to assure that the President always had access to safe, secure, and reliable means of communication. Two years later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for the creation of the Presidential Pilot's Office (renamed the Presidential Airlift Group in 2001) to provide air transportation to the President and his staff.

The White House Medical Unit was established in the West Wing in 1945. The White House Mess, also contained in the West Wing, was established in 1951 and has been run by the Navy ever since. Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) was created in 1957 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower was vacationing in Newport, Rhode Island, and had to return to the White House on short notice. He flew the first portion of the trip aboard HMX-1.

On May 8, 2009, George D. Mulligan Jr.


The WHMO is headed by a Director who oversees the policies involving Department of Defense assets. He ensures that White House requirements are clearly communicated to the WHMO Directorates and meet the highest standards of Presidential quality.

The WHMO's operational units are the most visible element of the WHMO's support to the President. The WHMO units include the: White House Communications Agency, Presidential Airlift Group, White House Medical Unit, Camp David, Marine Helicopter Squadron One, Presidential Food Service, White House Transportation Agency, White House Social Aides,[5] and Military Aides to the President. The Social Aides, of whom there are 40-45 at a time, are uniformed officers of the rank of lieutenant to major (army equivalent), and have a purely social role, taking care of visitors to the White House. They are volunteers, serving perhaps 2 to 4 afternoons a month. The (permanent) Military Aides are majors and lieutenant-Colonels, one from each of the five uniformed services, and have the task of carrying the President's emergency satchel, the so-called "nuclear football".

The White House Military Office also includes staff dedicated to Operations, Information and Technology Management Financial Management and Comptroller, WHMO Counsel, and Security. Together the WHMO's entities provide essential service to the President as well as help assure the continuity of the Presidency.

Most uniformed personnel assigned to the WHMO are eligible to wear the Presidential Service Badge after "a period of at least one year."[6][7]

In popular culture

The White House Military Office is the subject of an episode of Major Dad titled "General Disturbance", which originally aired on April 9, 1993. In it, General Marcus Craig (Jon Cypher) becomes the new Deputy Director of WHMO and his whole staff, including Major John MacGillis (Gerald McRaney), is transferred to Washington, DC with him.

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