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Wind and Cloud

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Title: Wind and Cloud  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Peter Ho, Fung Wan, The Storm Warriors, Wuxia
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Wind and Cloud

Wind and Cloud
DVD cover art
Also known as 1. Fung Wan
2. The Storm Riders
Genre Wuxia
Written by Ma Wing-shing (original story)
Wen Lifang
Directed by Hsu Chin-liang
Presented by Zhu Yongde
Li Bolun
Hsu Chin-liang
Starring Vincent Zhao
Peter Ho
Sonny Chiba
Wong He
Opening theme Fengyun (風雲) performed by Jiang Desheng
Ending theme Yongyuan Yongyuan (永遠永遠) performed by Li Yi-chun
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 44
Executive producer(s) Zhuo Wu
Huang Jianxin
Zhong Zheng
Cai Yuling
Zhu Cheng
Liu Xiaozhong
Producer(s) Han Sanping
Yang Fan
Zhu Cheng
Zhu Yunhong
Zhong Conghai
Zhang Yuwei
Editor(s) Zhu Xiaoping
Location(s) Taiwan
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Original channel CTV
First shown in 2002
Followed by Wind and Cloud 2 (2004)
Wind and Cloud
Traditional Chinese 風雲
Simplified Chinese 风云

Wind and Cloud, also known as Fung Wan and The Storm Riders, is a Taiwanese television series based on Hong Kong artist Ma Wing-shing's manhua series Fung Wan. Vincent Zhao and Peter Ho starred as the titular protagonists. The series was first broadcast on CTV in Taiwan in 2002, and was followed by Wind and Cloud 2 in 2004.


The plot is based on the first two story arcs in the manhua series. Xiongba, the chief of the martial arts clan Tianxiahui, learns from the prophet Nipusa that he will rise to prominence in the jianghu (martial artists' community) with the help of "Feng" and "Yun" (literally "wind" and "cloud"). By chance, he meets two boys – Nie Feng (Wind) and Bu Jingyun (Cloud) – and immediately accepts them as his students. When Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun are grown up, Nipusa reveals to Xiongba that his downfall will also be due to "Feng" and "Yun". To prevent this from happening, Xiongba devises an elaborate scheme to make Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun destroy each other, but the plan fails. The rest of the story focuses on the character development of Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun, such as their relationships with their respective lovers, and their journeys to becoming supreme fighters.

In the middle of the series, Xiongba is betrayed by his followers, loses his powers and finds himself at the mercy of Bu Jingyun. He promises to repent and retire permanently from the jianghu, so Bu Jingyun spares him. In the meantime, Juewu Shen, a Japanese warrior, arrives in China with his clan with the intention of dominating the jianghu. Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun join forces to defeat Juewu Shen and drive away the Japanese invaders. Towards the end of the series, it is revealed that Xiongba has been secretly plotting to stage a comeback and realise his ambition of ruling the jianghu. Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun combine efforts to overcome Xiongba and restore peace, thus fulfilling Nipusa's prophecy.


  • Vincent Zhao as Nie Feng
  • Peter Ho as Bu Jingyun
  • Sonny Chiba as Xiongba
  • Wong He as Qin Shuang
  • Tao Hong as Yu Chuchu
  • Annie Wu as Kong Ci / Ding Ning
  • Jiang Qinqin as Di'ermeng / Mingyue
  • Sun Xing as Wuming
  • Li Qi as Jianchen
  • Zuo Baxue as Pojun
  • Chiang Tsu-ping as Youruo
  • Li Jinrong as Han Lin'er
  • Wang Jialin as Duan Lang
  • China Dolls as Wawa Shashou
  • Yang Li as Dugu Yifang
  • Chen Boyu as Dugu Meng
  • Lily Tien as Yan Ying
  • He Dulin as Wen Chouchou
  • Bo Xueliang as Nipusa
  • Wang Huiwu as Juewushen
  • Su Jiacheng as Juexin
  • Choi Hing-lun as Ao Tian
  • Cheng Shihan as Disan Zhuhuang

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