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Wizard (MUD)

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Title: Wizard (MUD)  
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Subject: LambdaMOO, God (MUD), Immortal (MUD), MUSH, Northern Lights (online game)
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Wizard (MUD)

Wizard is commonly used in MUDs, particularly LPMuds,[1] AberMUDs and MU*, as a term for the MUD's developers and administrators. The usage originates with Richard Bartle's original MUD1 and MUD2.[2] It is frequently abbreviated "wiz", which is sometimes used as a verb; to wiz is to become a wizard.[3] The plural of "wiz" is "wizzes".[2]

A wizard's duties may involve various combinations of software development, content generation, gamemastering, community management, and other administrative tasks.[4][5][6][7][8] Modifications such as apprentice wizard, elder wizard ("elder") and archwizard ("arch") indicate junior or senior staff members.[9][10][8] Other commonly used terms with the same or related meanings are coder, developer ("dev"), administrator ("admin"), immortal ("imm", "immort"), God, and implementer ("imp"); the last two most often refer to the system's owner. The term "builder" may be used to indicate a wizard, usually junior in standing, dedicated to content development.[10]

A common convention, especially on early MUDs, has been that players have the opportunity to become wizards after advancing to a certain level within the game.[2][3][11][8] This practice sometimes presents "wizhood" as another level of game, with wizards competing to develop popular content. As this is, at best, a questionable approach to staffing and development, its popularity has faded with the MUDs of later years.[10]

A "wizard" in a MUD is not necessarily a staff member; it may be used simply in its ordinary fantasy-genre meaning, referring to in-world magicians. (Being able to employ this usage is sometimes one of the reasons a MUD chooses to use setting-neutral terms like "administrator" and "developer" for staff.)


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