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World Bowls Events

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Title: World Bowls Events  
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Subject: Bowls Australia, World championships, WPA World Nine-ball Championship, IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing World Championships, IPC Powerlifting World Championships
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World Bowls Events

These are the premier World Bowls Events between national bowls organisations affiliated to World Bowls Ltd.

World Championships

First held in Australia in 1966, the World Bowls Championships for men and women are held every 4 years. From 2008 the men's and women's events are held together. Qualifying national bowls organisations (usually countries) are represented by sides of 5 players, who play once as a single and a four, then again as a pair and a triple. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded in each of the 4 disciplines, and there is also a trophy for the best overall 5-player side — the Leonard Trophy for men and the Taylor Trophy for women.

The next World Bowls Championships will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand from 28 November – 16 December 2016.

Men's Titles

Year Venue Singles Champion Fours Champions *
1966 Sydney, Australia  David Bryant (ENG)  Bill O'Neill, Gordon Jolly, Ron Buchan, Norm Lash (NZL)
1972 Worthing, England  Maldwyn Evans (WAL)  Peter Line, Ted Hayward, Cliff Stroud, Norman King (ENG)
1976 Johannesburg, South Africa  Doug Watson (RSA)  Kevin Campbell, Bill Moseley, Nando Gatti, Kelvin Lightfoot (RSA)
1980 Melbourne, Australia  David Bryant (ENG) (HKG)
1984 Aberdeen, Scotland  Peter Belliss (NZL) (ENG)
1988 Auckland, New Zealand  David Bryant (ENG)  Jim Baker, Sammy Allen, John McCloughlin, Rodney McCutcheon (IRE)
1992 Worthing, England  Tony Allcock (ENG)  Angus Blair, Willie Wood, Alex Marshall, Graham Robertson (SCO)
1996 Adelaide, Australia  Tony Allcock (ENG)  John Bell, Andy Thomson, David Cutler, Brett Morley (ENG)
2000 Johannesburg, South Africa  Jeremy Henry (IRE)  William Thomas, Robert Weale, Stephen Rees, Mark Williams (WAL)
2004 Ayr, Scotland  Steve Glasson (AUS)  Jim Baker, Neil Booth, Noel Graham, Jonny Ross (IRE)
2008 Christchurch, New Zealand  Safuan Said (MAS)  Gary Lawson, Russell Meyer, Richard Girvan, Andrew Todd (NZL)
2012 Adelaide, Australia  Leif Selby (AUS)  Aron Sherriff, Mark Casey, Brett Wilkie, Wayne Ruediger (AUS)
Year Pairs Champions * Triples Champions * Leonard Trophy
1966  Geoff Kelly, Albert Palm (AUS)  John Dobbie, Athol Johnston, Don Collins (AUS)  Australia
1972  Eric Liddell, Saco Delgado (HKG)  Dick Folkins, Clive Forrester, Bill Miller (USA)  Scotland
1976  Bill Moseley, Doug Watson (RSA)  Kevin Campbell, Nando Gatti, Kelvin Lightfoot (RSA)  South Africa
1980  Peter Rheuben, Alf Sandercock (AUS)  David Bryant, Tony Allcock, Jimmy Hobday (ENG)  England
1984 (USA)**  Jim Baker, Sammy Allen, Stan Espie (IRE)  Scotland
1988  Peter Belliss, Rowan Brassey (NZL) (NZL)  England
1992  Alex Marshall, Richard Corsie (SCO)  Cecil Bransky, Lawrence Mendelsohn, Leon Blum (ISR)  Scotland
1996  Sammy Allen, Jeremy Henry (IRE) (SCO)  Scotland
2000 (SCO)  Peter Belliss, Rowan Brassey, Andrew Curtain (NZL)  Australia
 Ryan Bester, Keith Roney (CAN)
 David Peacock, Willie Wood, Jim McIntyre (SCO)  Scotland
2008  Gary Lawson, Russell Meyer (NZL)  David Peacock, Willie Wood, Wayne Hogg (SCO)  New Zealand
2012  Alex Marshall, Paul Foster (SCO)  Graeme Archer, Darren Burnett, David Peacock (SCO)  Australia

* Team order is Skip to Lead

** (SCO), a reserve with the Scottish team, to take his place for the rest of the tournament.

Women's Titles

Year Venue Singles Champion Fours Champions *
1969 Sydney, Australia  Gladys Doyle (PNG)  May Gridlan, C Bidwell, Y Emanuel, S Sundelowitz (RSA)
1973 Wellington, New Zealand  Elsie Wilkie (NZL)  Cis Winstanley, Verna Devlin, Noeline Scott, Irene Foote (NZL)
1977 Worthing, England  Elsie Wilkie (NZL)  Merle Richardson, Lorna Lucas, Connie Hicks, Dot Jenkinson (AUS)
1981 Toronto, Canada  Norma Shaw (ENG)  Mavis Steele, Betty Stubbings, Gloria Thomas, Eileen Fletcher (ENG)**
1985 Melbourne, Australia  Merle Richardson (AUS)  Frances Whyte, Annette Evans, Elizabeth Christie, Sarah Gourlay (SCO)
1988 Auckland, New Zealand  Janet Ackland (WAL)  Dorothy Roche, Norma Wainwright, Marion Stevens, Greeta Fahey (AUS)
1992 Ayr, Scotland  Margaret Johnston (IRE)  Senga McCrone, Frances Whyte, Janet Maxwell, Joyce Lindores (SCO)
1996 Leamington Spa, England  Carmen Anderson (NFK)  Daphne Shaw, Margaret Sumner, Marilyn Peddell, Gordana Baric (AUS)
2000 Moama, Australia  Margaret Johnston (IRE) Jan Khan, Sharon Sims (NZL)
2004 Leamington Spa, England  Margaret Johnston (IRE)  Amy Monkhouse, Jean Baker, Ellen Falkner, Jayne Christie (ENG)
2008 Christchurch, New Zealand  Val Smith (NZL)  Karen Murphy, Claire Turley, Julie Keegan, Lynsey Clarke (AUS)
2012 Adelaide, Australia  Karen Murphy (AUS)  Margaret Letham, Caroline Brown, Lynn Stein, Michelle Cooper (SCO)
Year Pairs Champions * Triples Champions * Taylor Trophy
1969  May Gridlan, E McDonald (RSA)  C Bidwell, Y Emanuel, S Sundelowitz (RSA)  South Africa
1973  Dot Jenkinson, Lorna Lucas (AUS)  Cis Winstanley, Irene Foote, Noeline Scott (NZL)  New Zealand
1977  Helen Wong, Elvie Chok (HKG) (WAL)  Australia
1981  Nan Allely, Eileen Bell (IRE)  Lena Sadick, Rae O'Donnell, Linda King (HKG)  England
1985  Merle Richardson, Fay Craig (AUS)  Mavis Meadowcroft, Norma Massey, Dorothy Roche (AUS)  Australia
1988  Margaret Johnston, Phillis Nolan (IRE)  Dorothy Roche, Marion Stevens, Greeta Fahey (AUS)  England
1992  Margaret Johnston, Phillis Nolan (IRE)  Frances Whyte, Janet Maxwell, Joyce Lindores (SCO)  Scotland
1996  Margaret Johnston, Phillis Nolan (IRE)  Hester Bekker, Barbara Redshaw, Jannie de Beer (RSA)  South Africa
2000  Joyce Lindores, Margaret Letham (SCO) (NZL)  England
2004  Jo Edwards, Sharon Sims (NZL)  Loraine Victor, Jill Hackland, Trish Steyn (RSA)  England
2008  Jo Edwards, Val Smith (NZL)  Lorna Smith, Loraine Victor, Sylvia Burns (RSA)  Australia
2012  Rebecca Quail, Kelsey Cottrell (AUS)  Karen Murphy, Lynsey Clarke, Natasha Van Eldik (AUS)  Australia

* Team order is Skip to Lead.

**  Irene Molyneux (ENG) may have played as a replacement in the 1981 Fours final.


Country Men Women Total
 Australia 6 12 18
 New Zealand 7 9 16
 Scotland 8 5 13
 England 9 3 12
 Ireland 5 7 12
 South Africa 4 6 10
 Hong Kong China 2 2 4
 Wales 2 2 4
 United States 2 0 2
1 0 1
 Israel 1 0 1
 Malaysia 1 0 1
 Norfolk Island 0 1 1
 Papua New Guinea 0 1 1

World Junior Championships

The first World Junior Championships were held at Broadbeach Bowling & Community Club, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia from 10–16 November 2014. This event is for bowlers under 26 years of age.
Year Venue Singles Women Singles Men Mixed Pairs
2014 Broadbeach, Australia  Chloe Stewart (AUS)  Dylan Fisher (AUS)  Auni Fatiah Kamis, Mohd Fairus Abdul Jabal (MAS)

World Champion of Champions Singles

  • Contested annually between bowlers who have won their respective national singles title.
  • The next competition will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand from 24–30 November 2014.
Year Venue Women Men
2003 Moama, Australia  Liz James (SWZ)  Douw Calitz (NAM)
2004 Warilla, Australia  Margaret Johnston (IRE)  Ali Forsyth (NZL)
2005 Christchurch, New Zealand  Nor Iryani Azmi (MAS)  Mark Walton (ENG)
2006 Christchurch, New Zealand  Julie Saunders (ENG)  Darren Burnett (SCO)
2007 Warilla, Australia  Alison Merrien (GGY)  Tony Grantham (NZL)
2008 Aberdeen, Scotland  Kathy Pearce (WAL)  Leif Selby (AUS)
2009 Ayr, Scotland  Kelsey Cottrell (AUS)  Brett Wilkie (AUS)
2010 Norfolk Island  Jan Khan (NZL)  Aron Sherriff (AUS)
2011 Hong Kong, China  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Thomas Geechan (JER)
2012 Paphos, Cyprus  Sandra Keith (NZL)  Hizlee Abdul Rais (MAS)
2013 Christchurch, New Zealand  Karen Murphy (AUS)  Thomas Bishop (ENG)
2014 Christchurch, New Zealand  Lorna Smith (SCO)  Iain McLean (SCO)

World Cup Singles

  • Contested annually between bowlers from national bowls organisations.
  • The inaugural event (2005) was held in Hong Kong. Since then the venue has been Warilla, New South Wales.
  • The World Cup is played indoors, while the Junior World Cup (for players aged under 25) was usually played outdoors.
Year World Cup
Women Men
2005  Grace Chu (HKG)  Mark Casey (AUS)
 Shirley Choy (CAN)
 Neil Speirs (SCO)
2007  Judy Nardella (AUS)  Kelvin Kerkow (AUS)
Year World Junior Cup
Women Men

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