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Yehuda Burla

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Title: Yehuda Burla  
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Subject: Nayot, Burla (surname), Oded Burla, Israeli literature, Israel Prize in literature recipients
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Yehuda Burla

Yehuda Burla

Yehuda Burla (Hebrew: יהודה בורלא‎; born 18 September 1886, died 7 November 1969) was an Israeli author.


Burla was born in 1886 in World War I, Burla served in the Turkish army as an interpreter, and following the war, he taught in the Hebrew school in Damascus, where he lived for five years.[1] He continued teaching until 1944, when he starting working in the public sector and was at one stage Head of the Arab Department of the Histadrut. His children were Oded Burla, a writer, poet and artist, Yair Burla, a writer and translator, Ofra Adar Burla, a writer and translator, and Zuria Ben Nun.


Yehuda Burla and family

Legacy and commemoration

Yehuda Burla Street, the main thoroughfare in Jerusalem's Nayot neighborhood, was named for him.

Published works

  • Lunah (Luna), 1926
  • Enchanted Homeland (Kismei Moledet), 1926
  • Without a Star (Bli Kochav), 1927 (translated into French, 1933)
  • His Hated Wife (Ishto Ha-Senuah), 1928
  • In Darkness Striving (Neftulei Adam), 1929 (translated into Arabic, 1955, and English, 1968)
  • Stories (Sipurim), 1929
  • Bat Zion (Bat Tzion), 1930
  • Singer (Meranenet), 1930
  • Na`ama (Na`amah O Ba-Nistar U-Ba-Nigleh), 1934
  • In Holyness or Love (Bi-Kedushah O Ahavah), 1935
  • The Adventures of Akaviah (Alilot Akaviah), 1939 (translated into Russian, 1980)
  • City Tricks (Lehatei Kiriah), 1939
  • Adam (Adam), 1943
  • On the Horizon (Ba-Ofek), 1943
  • At Dawn (Im Shahar), 1946
  • Women (Nashim), 1949
  • Tom and Mary (Tom Ve-Mary)
  • In the Circles of Love (Be-Ma`agalei Ahavah), 1953
  • The First Swallow (Ha-Snunit Ha-Rishonah), 1954
  • Yearning (Kisufim), 1955
  • The Journeys of Judah Halevi (Ele Masa`ei Yehuda Halevi), 1959
  • Rabbi Yehuda Halevi (Rav Yehuda Halevi), 1960
  • Sparkles (Reshafim), 1961
  • The Dignitary (Ba`al Be-Amav), 1962
  • Collected Works (Col Kitvei), 1962
  • Two Special Love Stories (Shnei Sipurei Ahavah Miyuhedet), 1964
  • Marching In (Le-Kol Ha-Tza`adah), 1965
  • In High Tide and in Low Tide (Be-Geut U-Be-Shefel), 1971
  • Collected Stories (Yalkut Sipurim), 1975
  • The Kingdom of David (Malchut David), 1978

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