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Yoko-shiho-gatame (横四方固め?) is one of the seven mat holds, Osaekomi-waza, of Kodokan Judo. In grappling terms, it is categorized as a side control hold.

Technique description

Graphic from http://judoinfo.com/techdrw.htm

Exemplar Videos:

Demonstrated from http://www.abbotsfordjudo.com/techniques/5thkyu.htm


  • Roll Away Yoko-Shiho-Gatame Escape
  • Roll Inward (Turn On Knees) Yoko-Shiho-Gatame Escape
  • Sankaku/Armbar Yoko-Shiho-Gatame Escape


Technique history

Included systems



Similar techniques, variants, and aliases

English aliases:

  • Side four quarter hold
  • Side lock pin
  • Side locking four-corner hold


  • Second variation
Kyuzo Mifune also demonstrates a second variation of Yoko-Shiho-Gatame in the video, The Essence Of Judo, performed from a Stacking Guard Pass.
  • Modified Yoko-Shiho-Gatame

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