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Zoobilee Zoo

Zoobilee Zoo is a children's television series featuring costumed performers dressed as animal characters. It originally aired from 1986–1987, then in syndication until 2001 on several television channels including commercial network television stations, public television stations, The Learning Channel, and the Hallmark Channel. The original 65 episodes are currently owned by Hallmark Properties and were produced by WQED Pittsburgh.

Generally the plot of each episode consists of the main characters, called Zoobles, encountering difficulties usually common to young children and then learning a moral lesson about dealing with such problems, such as being apprehensive of going to a doctor or learning to appreciate others. Mayor Ben, who usually appears at the beginnings and ends of each episode, calls the fans and viewers of the show Zoobaroos.

Episodes were released on a wide array of VHS videocassettes, the most recent series released in 1997, but not yet released to DVD. In 2000, 14 new direct-to-video episodes and soundtracks were released, and the stage show "Zoobilee Zoo Live!" toured briefly, with several of the cast members reprising their roles.


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Cast and characters

Each Zooble character has a certain gimmick of behavior or interest that offers a unique view on each challenge they face.

  • Sandey Grinn as Bill Der Beaver, who likes to invent and fix stuff
  • Forrest Gardner as Van Go Lion, who enjoys art
  • Karen Hartman as Talkatoo Cockatoo, who enjoys reading, writing, and speech
  • Michael B. Moynahan as Lookout Bear, who enjoys adventuring and travel
  • Gary Schwartz as Bravo Fox, a showman who encourages the talents of theatre and acting
  • Louise Vallance as Whazzat Kangaroo, who encourages kids to enjoy music and dance
  • Ben Vereen as Mayor Ben, a leopard who stars as the host of the show explaining what kind of adventure the Zoobles will be having.

Minor Characters:

  • Roger Behr as Limerick Leprechaun
  • Roger Peltz as Rhymin' Simon
  • Crosby the Dog as Crosby


  1. A Star is Born
  2. A Time for Laughs
  3. Blue Ribbon Zoobles
  4. Bravo Come Home
  5. The Land of Rhymes
  6. The Genie
  7. When You Wish Upon a Tooth Fairy
  8. The Robot Zoobles
  9. Trading Places
  10. The Great Trash Mystery
  11. Strike Up the Band
  12. Mystery in Zoobilee Zoo
  13. Bill Sees Stars
  14. The Cockatoo Fox Report
  15. Grown Up for a Day
  16. Winter Wonderland
  17. Fox in Wolf's Clothing
  18. Vaudeville Star
  19. Is There a Doctor in the House?
  20. Backwardville
  21. Speak to Me, Bill
  22. A Sticky Situation
  23. To See or Not to See
  24. Just in Time
  25. The Cave Zoobles
  26. Bear Behind the Badge
  27. One Touch of Van Go
  28. Job Hunting
  29. The Great Game #1
  30. Lookout, Super Zooble
  31. Invisible Zooble
  32. Lookout's Dog
  33. Endangered Zoobra
  34. Bravo's Puppets
  35. The Witch's Spell
  36. Talkerella
  37. The Great Game #2
  38. Van Go, Master Painter
  39. The Ghost of Zoobilee Woods
  40. Pigment Puzzle
  41. Whazzat the Clown
  42. The Great Zooble Tryouts
  43. Gotta Dance
  44. Close Encounters of a Zooble Kind
  45. Laughland
  46. Lady Whazzat
  47. The Zooble Book of Records
  48. Sing Along #1
  49. The Magic Ring
  50. A Trip to Memoryland
  51. The Zooble Hop
  52. Attack of the Giant Potatoes
  53. Popular Bill
  54. Simon and Leprechaun
  55. Pictures to Remember
  56. Smart Dummy
  57. The Zoobadoobas
  58. Sing Along #2
  59. A Camping We Will Go
  60. Bravo's Party
  61. Two's a Crowd
  62. Piano Man Bill
  63. Surprise, Surprise
  64. Teleportation
  65. Without a Sound

Awards and recognition

The series was awarded the 1987 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design.

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